Bwpb Best Paintball Games

Bwpb Best Paintball Games

Popular Paintball Games
As paintball improved and became popular,​ many individuals tried their abilities at​ it; giving rise to​ the​ assortment and diversity of​ paintball tournaments and games.
Recreational or​ Capture the​ Flag

Played by two teams,​ where each team has a​ flag and the​ objective of​ both teams is​ to​ capture or​ seize the​ opponent’s flag and carry it​ to​ your team’s starting point .​
This is​ one way for your team to​ win and another way is​ by eliminating the​ opposing team entirely .​
Each team has to​ defend their base and simultaneously dispatch team players to​ eliminate the​ opponent and capture their flag .​

These games are usually played in​ the​ forest; bunkers and structures can be put up throughout the​ area .​
Scenario Paintball
This is​ a​ paintball game with a​ theme set up behind it: there are an​ endless number of​ themes that can be created making the​ game feel and look very realistic .​
There are a​ number of​ players; in​ many cases as​ many as​ a​ hundred are involved in​ each team .​
Each team gets the​ theme (storyline) a​ day before the​ start of​ the​ game .​
There are usually two teams participating,​ having the​ general as​ a​ team’s leader .​

Each player is​ given a​ role and they should work together as​ a​ team in​ order to​ carry out and win an​ assigned mission .​
Props in​ accordance with the​ theme are introduced and distributed throughout the​ field .​
There are questions asked in​ connection with the​ theme and points are awarded for correct answers.
These points are totaled at​ the​ conclusion of​ the​ game and the​ team having the​ most number of​ points wins.
This can be played right at​ your own backyard,​ a​ friend’s empty property or​ at​ times any property but you must as​ you get permission first .​
You gather your friends to​ form a​ group and then conceptualize your own game which typically is​ capture the​ flag .​
Also called Center Flag,​ the​ speedball field is​ designed with many huge bunkers; usually inflatables filled with air that are shaped similar to​ big snakes,​ soda cans,​ water tanks etc .​
Here,​ a​ team can be composed of​ between three to​ ten players in​ a​ game .​
There is​ only one flag that is​ involved and it​ is​ located at​ the​ center of​ a​ field .​
the​ two teams start at​ each end of​ the​ field and attempt to​ gain possession of​ the​ flag at​ the​ center and carry it​ to​ their bunker .​
The team that does this successfully wins .​

Paintball can surely challenge the​ soldier in​ you .​
Give it​ a​ shot!

Bwpb Best Paintball Games

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