Burn Body Fat And Lose Weight 24 Hrs A Day Lose Fat Even When Sleeping

Burn Body Fat And Lose Weight 24 Hrs A Day Lose Fat Even When Sleeping

Burn body fat 24 hrs a​ day is​ simple. Yes,​ I said simple but I did not say it​ is​ easy. That is​ because you must have a​ firm commitment and mental discipline to​ do it. However,​ it​ will get easier and easier when you adapt to​ your new lifestyle and when your lose fat goal is​ achieved.

So how do you burn fat 24 hrs a​ day? Here are some simple steps to​ lose fat 24 hrs a​ day.

• Build muscles. Muscles are active cells and they are great calorie burners. the​ more muscles you pack on,​ the​ more body fat you will burn because the​ calories you have eaten will be burned for energy by your muscles.

• Do your cardio exercises in​ the​ morning before breakfast. Make sure that your cardio exercises raise your heart rate sufficiently to​ burn more fat. the​ exercises must be intensive and will leave you puffing,​ panting and sweating. This is​ to​ make sure that you will continue to​ burn calories hours after you stopped your cardio exercises.

Do your cardio exercise 5-6 days a​ week. On top of​ that,​ because your carbohydrate store is​ low in​ the​ morning,​ your body will burn more body fat to​ fuel your cardio exercises.

• Eat 5-6 times a​ day with about 3 hrs intervals. Make the​ meals small consisting protein and complex carbohydrate. Complex carbs are carbs that are more difficult to​ digest so that they do not spike insulin quickly to​ be converted into body fat. So instead of​ eating white rice,​ eat brown rice. Instead of​ having white bread,​ substitute it​ with brown bread instead. Have plenty of​ fresh leafy fibrous vegetables.

The frequency of​ meals will tell your body that there is​ plenty of​ food and so your body need not store body fat for emergencies. On top of​ that,​ your digestive system will be constantly working to​ digest the​ food and so that means burning of​ calories.

• Do weight training 3 times a​ week with rest days in​ between. Do your weight workout in​ the​ evenings so that you will continue to​ burn fat. Workout with compound exercises such as​ bench presses,​ squats,​ lunges,​ dead lifts etc to​ activate more muscle fibers and so that these large muscles will carry on​ burning calories for many more hours into the​ night.

• Take slow release protein supplement before bed such as​ casein protein. This is​ to​ feed your body throughout the​ night and help your muscles to​ recover from the​ day’s activities and at​ the​ same because casein protein is​ slow to​ digest so will not turn to​ fat easily and thus your body will continue burning calories even when you are asleep.

So with a​ combination of​ all these activities,​ you will be burning body fat almost 24 hrs a​ day. Simple? Great. Let’s start to​ lose weight by burning body fat round the​ clock now.

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