Bulk Email Marketing

Bulk Email Marketing…How Will It Affect Your Business?
There are many different marketing strategies nowadays .​
People are getting more and more creative in​ advertising with the​ addition of​ recent technologies .​
Getting other people to​ know about a​ new product or​ service in​ the​ market has now become much easier because of​ the​ advent of​ the​ internet.
The invention of​ the​ internet or​ the​ World Wide Web is​ the​ most innovative and useful tool for any kind of​ business .​
It provides for easier communication with different people from different parts of​ the​ globe .​
It also allows sharing of​ ideas,​ concepts or​ anything you​ can think of​ with other people a​ lot faster and better.
One way to​ communicate over the​ internet is​ thru email .​
You can send almost anything thru email to​ another person .​
Organizations and establishments utilize this tool a​ lot to​ promote their products to​ the​ most number of​ people possible.
That is​ how the​ concept of​ bulk email marketing emerged .​
Bulk email marketing can be defined in​ two ways depending on​ who is​ being asked .​
Some people refer to​ it​ as​ a​ way of​ marketing – mass marketing,​ direct marketing,​ or​ opt-in list – of​ a​ product or​ service to​ more than one individual simultaneously thru their email addresses .​
This is​ the​ point of​ view of​ the​ senders of​ these email messages.
However,​ most people refer to​ this kind of​ marketing technique as​ SPAM .​
These people are usually those who receive these marketing and advertising emails .​
SPAM has become a​ universal term that refers to​ any unwanted,​ unproductive and unethical activity done over the​ internet .​
For bulk email marketing,​ SPAM refers to​ unsolicited junk email.
Commercial emails have benefits both for the​ consumers and the​ business .​
However,​ this has been abused by many companies .​
Almost all commercial emails now are being tagged as​ SPAM even if​ they contain legitimate information.
That is​ why bulk email marketing may be dangerous for your business .​
Once a​ single email from your company is​ labeled as​ SPAM,​ it​ may cause your entire company’s email addresses to​ be blocked by the​ email service providers such as​ AOL,​ YAHOO and MSN .​
Moreover,​ your site can be blocked,​ too,​ by the​ search engines,​ and worst,​ it​ may be kicked off your hosting service provider.
Getting rid of​ SPAM emails and sites is​ what most ISPs,​ hosts and search engines want .​
These people that they consider spammers cause annoyance to​ their customers and a​ huge waste of​ their bandwidth .​
That is​ why they do take action once they get a​ sufficient number of​ complaining customers.
Given these information,​ it​ is​ best to​ think twice before sending email advertisements to​ several people .​
You may be able to​ buy email addresses from those companies claiming that those people opted-in to​ receive your messages and promise a​ huge conversion rate .​
But better think again .​
These companies may just be fooling you​ to​ make money.
Thus,​ it​ might be best to​ think of​ other ways to​ send advertisements or​ promote your products .​
It can still be possible with the​ concept of​ bulk email marketing .​
The only difference is,​ instead of​ sending the​ email advertisements to​ unknown people,​ send it​ to​ your existing customer base .​
You can create an​ email that seems like a​ follow up,​ then you​ can add your advertisement for your new product that they may also be interested in​ .​
Then you​ can also ask for a​ few referrals from them who may also be interested in​ your product .​
Doing this will make your way of​ advertising more legitimate .​
In case that someone will accuse you​ of​ sending spam email,​ you​ can prove to​ them otherwise by showing proof of​ relationship with the​ customer such as​ receipt of​ purchase or​ an​ email from them.
In case you​ are just starting your business and have no existing client base yet,​ you​ may want to​ advertise first using other methods than sending bulk email .​
You may risk losing your business that has not even started yet.
There are several ways to​ promote a​ product or​ service over the​ internet .​
You just have to​ be creative and imaginative .​
Marketing and advertising are critical factors to​ your business’ success .​
Make sure you​ do it​ in​ a​ nice and professional manner; else,​ you​ will be in​ for some trouble once your commercial email is​ tagged as​ spam.

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