Budget Conscious What Are The Benefits Of Repowering A Utility Golf Cart With A Kohler Engine

Budget Conscious What Are The Benefits Of Repowering A Utility Golf
Cart With A Kohler Engine

These days, maintaining a​ fleet of​ golf carts and​ utility vehicles is​ more likely to​ be a​ matter of​ topping up battery cells than checking spark plugs and​ mixing fuel and​ oil. The vast majority of​ golf carts sold in​ the past decade or​ so has been electric. Electric golf carts, goes the traditional wisdom, are cheaper to​ maintain, easier to​ manage and​ less trouble in​ the long run than the models powered by small gas engines.

Despite the popularity of​ electric golf carts, however, most pros agree that there are some jobs that require the power of​ a​ good gas engine. It’s not unusual for​ most course fleets to​ include at​ least a​ few gas golf carts that have been converted to​ utility vehicles for​ hauling and​ other purposes. What do you​ do when the motor on​ one of​ those starts to​ go?

It used to​ be easy to​ replace those with a​ used utility or​ golf cart when the engine started to​ go – but not anymore. Used and​ rebuilt gas-powered golf carts are rare – and​ replacing them with a​ new gas-powered cart could run you​ between $12,000 and​ $20,000.

The solution​ is​ simple. Don’t replace – repower. The decision​ to​ repower a​ utility vehicle that you​ currently own rather than replacing it​ with a​ new vehicle makes sound sense in​ a​ number of​ ways.

1. By repowering a​ vehicle that you​ own, you​ extend the useful life of​ that vehicle or​ piece of​ equipment. There’s no need to​ scrap a​ perfectly good piece of​ equipment that just needs a​ bit of​ a​ boost in​ the engine department.
2. Repowering a​ vehicle with a​ new motor can expand​ its usefulness. you​ can turn an​ old golf cart into an​ all-purpose hauler or​ plow by fitting it​ with a​ more powerful engine.
3. you​ get a​ new warranty for​ your​ new upgraded engine. Depending on​ the dealer, you​ may find a​ Kohler engine repower kit that contains all you​ need to​ upgrade and​ includes a​ two-year warranty, or​ a​ Honda small engine to​ replace one that’s on​ its last legs, with a​ warranty for​ parts for​ up to​ two years.
4. A repower Kohler engine or​ other small engine could save you​ money on​ fuel, especially if​ you​ upgrade to​ a​ cleaner burning fuel. and​ it​ will certainly be kinder to​ the environment.
5. Speaking of​ kinder to​ the environment, check your​ state’s grants and​ proposals web site if​ you’re considering replacing old motor equipment. Many states offer substantial incentives if​ you​ choose to​ repower a​ high-emissions piece of​ equipment with a​ lower-emissions engine. The same holds true if​ you​ choose to​ refit an​ engine with after-market parts to​ reduce its emissions. in​ some cases, you​ can even apply for​ a​ reimbursement grant that will pay for​ a​ repower engine or​ the refit parts, along with any parts needed to​ fit the new engine into your​ tractor or​ utility vehicle.
6. if​ your​ new repower engine does need repair, it​ will be far easier to​ get parts for​ a​ current engine than for​ an​ older model. Spare parts support is​ yet another reason​ to​ upgrade your​ engine with a​ repower.

Repowering is​ also an​ excellent way to​ update your​ greens-keeping equipment. Little has changed in​ the business end of​ mowers, rakers and​ other turfcare equipment. Why replace a​ piece of​ equipment that’s in​ virtually excellent condition​ when a​ repower kit will upgrade it​ and​ keep it​ running in​ tiptop shape for​ years to​ come? Kohler makes repower kits for​ Toro, Jacobsen, Club Car and​ Cushman turf care equipment. Each kit comes with everything you​ need to​ drop a​ new engine into your​ trusted machine and​ update it​ to​ perfect working order.

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