Breaking The Jinx Of Obesity Through Weight Loss Drug

Breaking The Jinx Of Obesity Through Weight Loss Drug

‘Mirror,​ mirror on​ the​ wall,​ who’s the​ fattest of​ them all’

Though my mirror would not magically utter my name,​ my eyes would move unconsciously to​ the​ ugly bulge that has formed near the​ middle part of​ my body. I know I am the​ one. For years,​ I have continued to​ hate the​ mirror. I even attempted a​ lot many times to​ do away with even traces of​ the​ thing. But,​ my wife wouldn’t allow (women and mirrors go hand in​ hand).

Finally,​ I understood that closing my eyes to​ the​ fat won’t make me less fat. Weight loss drug was one such step which I undertook to​ do away with the​ fat. a​ weight loss drug works by ddecreasing appetite,​ increasing satisfaction,​ decreasing fat absorption and increasing the​ rate of​ metabolism.

Weight loss drugs refer to​ over-the-counter medication or​ prescription drugs. the​ drugs are manufactured from a​ large number of​ chemical as​ well as​ herbal formulations such as​ amphetamines,​ appetite suppressants,​ benzene derivatives,​ herbal extracts,​ hormones and many more.

The use of​ weight loss drugs,​ to​ the​ confusion of​ users,​ does not offer exactly similar benefits to​ all. While some may benefit from it,​ others may not. This is​ a​ mystery that scientists till date are trying to​ decipher. Scientists have come to​ the​ conclusion that obesity or​ overweight is​ a​ complex illness. There is​ not only the​ physical determinant to​ it​ such as​ larger intake of​ food or​ more fat absorption. There are behavioural and psychological aspects to​ the​ illness as​ well. Therefore,​ it​ is​ imperative that obesity be treated by taking the​ entire picture in​ mind.

A few drugs have had enough research; certain others are still remaining to​ be studied in​ depth. the​ key to​ the​ use of​ weight loss drug is​ to​ examine properly if​ the​ drug is​ effective. Only properly researched drugs must be used to​ avoid side effects.

Weight loss drugs demand perseverance on​ the​ part of​ user in​ his dietary and workout habits. it​ is​ all the​ more important that user reduces intakes of​ fatty foods and consume more of​ low carb diets. Daily exercise is​ also important. Muscles are an​ important method of​ burning calories. Besides,​ it​ gives a​ good shape to​ ones body.

Weight loss drugs are not entirely free from drawbacks. Many weight loss drugs have been investigated to​ result into side effects such as​ cardiac arrest. Besides,​ it​ is​ often quite tricky to​ pinpoint if​ a​ particular weight loss drug was behind the​ weight one lost. Any weight loss program is​ often accompanied by diet and exercise; thus making it​ difficult to​ decide the​ contribution of​ the​ drug. Despite these criticisms,​ the​ desire of​ humans to​ find a​ magic pill for weight loss continues.

Breaking The Jinx Of Obesity Through Weight Loss Drug

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