Bowling Ball Benefits Features

Bowling Ball Benefits Features

Bowling balls can be made of​ rubber, plastic or​ urethane. Serious bowler can order a​ custom made ball instead of​ always borrowing or​ renting one from the bowling alley.

Since balls are made of​ different materials, the performance of​ each varies depending on​ the floor surface. Bowling balls can be ordered in​ different weights. They range from 12 to​ 16 pounds and​ will work for​ any bowler, regardless of​ gender or​ age.

The Brunswick 'Scorchin​ Inferno' bowling ball is​ a​ good example. this​ high performance model is​ an​ upgrade from the 'Ultimate Inferno' and​ has proven to​ be one of​ the best sellers in​ the company's inventory. It's cover stock is​ the 'Activator Max' and​ performs best when used in​ a​ lane that requires heavy oil.

Another good ball is​ the 'Columbia Action​ Packed Bowling Ball'. this​ high performance ball does well and​ works best under medium lane conditions. Its cover stock is​ the 'M80^2' and​ is​ guaranteed to​ do well for​ the player who likes to​ make strikes.

The elite 'R43' bowling ball is​ one that can work in​ light or​ heavy oil conditions. Manufactures claim that the weight block, which is​ the energy transfer core of​ this​ ball, will increase the chances of​ putting more pins down than any other ball because it​ delays the transfer of​ energy until the point of​ impact.

Proper care must be taken to​ ensure the bowling ball is​ in​ tip top condition​ at​ all times. this​ means it​ should not be dropped which could cause damage to​ the ball and​ injure the people around.

The ball should be kept at​ room temperature and​ stored in​ a​ bag when it​ is​ not being used to​ prevent stress. The owner should polish it​ from time to​ time or​ take it​ to​ the pro shop to​ be refinished.

The customized bowling ball should only be used by the owner. this​ is​ because the holes were measured only to​ fit the fingers of​ the user and​ not anyone else. Letting someone else use it​ may injure the borrower. There are many bowling balls to​ choose from and​ the price of​ them range from $100 to​ $300. They come in​ many colors and​ designs which will stand​ out in​ the bowling alley. By looking at​ the conditions of​ the bowling alley, the bowler will find the right ball to​ get the job done.

Bowling Ball Benefits Features

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