Bottle Feeding The Benefits For Mom And Baby

Bottle Feeding The Benefits For Mom And Baby

Deciding whether or​ not to​ bottle feed your​ baby is​ not a​ decision​ that is​ made lightly. Society and​ the media don't make the decision​ any easier as​ they make bottle feeding appear to​ be a​ bad choice compared to​ breastfeeding. Many mothers that make the decision​ not to​ breast feed or​ cannot breast feed for​ some reason, do not need to​ feel guilty about choosing to​ bottle feed.

While nothing can replace the whole, natural benefits of​ mother's milk, using baby formula also has several benefits for​ mother and​ baby. Baby formulas of​ today are created to​ be as​ close to​ mother's milk as​ possible. These baby formulas are just as​ nutritious and​ many are fortified with iron, a​ key ingredient in​ helping to​ prevent anemia in​ infants. Another great benefit is​ portion​ control. With bottle feeding, you​ know exactly how much you​ are feeding your​ baby. you​ won't be left wondering if​ your​ child has eaten enough or​ has been overfed.

Unfortunately, mother's who breastfeed still have to​ deal with the stares and​ sometimes comments they may receive when they decide to​ breastfeed in​ public. With bottle feeding you​ eliminate the frustration​ of​ dealing with ignorance. you​ no longer have to​ stay indoors to​ avoid the embarrassment of​ wanting to​ feed your​ child in​ public. Many mothers may also worry about losing the bonding that can come with breast feeding. Bottle feeding can still bring the same type of​ mother and​ child bonding that breast feeding does. you​ are still close to​ your​ child and​ able to​ talk and​ spend quality time during a​ feeding. Don't let the worry of​ bonding play in​ your​ decision​ to​ bottle feed.

Another plus to​ bottle feeding is​ that moms can get back to​ living a​ normal life a​ lot sooner. Breastfeeding alters a​ mother's daily life due to​ certain​ factors that must be considered, primarily in​ the case of​ medication. Mother's who are prescribed medication​ must remember to​ check with their doctor before taking them. Medication​ can be passed through to​ baby during breastfeeding. Bottle feeding clears the way for​ things like medication​ as​ well as​ oral contraceptives. Having the choice to​ take an​ oral contraceptive is​ a​ concern for​ many mothers who do not desire to​ have another child right away.

Bottle feeding is​ also much more convenient. Baby formula can be stored easily and​ makes traveling a​ lot easier as​ well. Ready-made baby formula requires no mixing. you​ can feed your​ baby its contents right away which is​ a​ time saver. Bottle feeding also allows others to​ help you​ out. you​ can have others feed your​ baby when you​ are busy or​ because they want to​ share in​ the experience such as​ dad helping out during a​ feeding or​ grandparents. this​ can be a​ huge help when you​ are burned out from the day's activities and​ need to​ catch a​ nap or​ are not feeling well.

Mother's who choose to​ bottle feed should never feel like they are making a​ poor choice. Just like breastfeeding, bottle feeding holds many benefits.

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