Boost Ebook Sales With Easy Online Marketing P1

Boost Ebook Sales With Easy Online Marketing P1

Have you​ experienced the​ famine cycle of​ business lately? a​ client complained,​ “I get so frustrated with being overwhelmed with business one week and famished the​ next. the​ truth is​ many business professionals experience the​ ebb and flow of​ business when they first start out. Some never break out of​ this daunting cycle. Their businesses eventually fail for they never learn to​ balance the​ ebb and flow with consistent marketing.

A mentor friend advised me,​ “To create daily sales,​ you​ must market daily.” Here are five of​ those top ten things to​ include in​ your marketing plan. Include these,​ break the​ feast and famine cycle for good and start a​ perpetual boost in​ sales:

1. Put valuable free content on​ your website.

Seek to​ educate your audience. Help them make more money,​ cut costs or​ solve their problems. Examples include: online assessments,​ how to​ tips,​ short reports,​ resource lists,​ how-to tutorials,​ dictionary of​ terms in​ your field,​ etc.

2. Create systematic ways to​ attract traffic to​ your website.

Setup a​ marketing system that will attract visitors to​ your website. Write articles that create a​ link back to​ your site. Develop a​ newsletter to​ stay in​ regular contact with your prospects and customers. Offer free information to​ educate,​ entice and motivate your audience. Include your website url with a​ special offer to​ attract visitors systematically.

3. Automate keeping in​ touch with prospects and clients. Put a​ subscription form on​ your website.

Make a​ special offer or​ free gift to​ entice your prospects to​ sign-up. After building a​ list of​ prospects,​ you​ must follow-up with them on​ a​ regular basis to​ build credibility and relationship. you​ could create a​ message and put it​ on​ an​ auto responder. Send a​ message for every week with an​ offer for something valuable that will cost your audience little or​ nothing.

4. Expand your marketing collateral.

If you​ create a​ short report that your target audience will value (e.g. “How to​ Hunt the​ Hidden Treasure in​ Your Customer Files”),​ don’t stop there. Expand it​ to​ a​ different media and/or market. you​ could create a​ tele-seminar,​ short articles. or​ use the​ information to​ re-purpose it​ for a​ different market: coaches,​ consultants,​ doctors.

5. Make marketing a​ habit. Marketing must become a​ habit not an​ interruption.

Make a​ calendar that specifies what marketing activities you​ will do,​ in​ what frequency and the​ deadline. This way,​ your marketing becomes a​ part of​ your regular routine and not an​ interruption of​ real work. Schedule all your marketing activities including: writing articles,​ advertising deadlines,​ traffic building,​ referral systems,​ speeches,​ tele-seminars,​ etc.

So how did your plan rate on​ a​ scale of​ 1-10? Seasoned business owners most likely already have their plan in​ place.
Even so,​ no matter where your experience level is,​ you​ can balance your business profit cycles by including: valuable content on​ your site,​ a​ systematic way to​ drive traffic,​ automatically keeping in​ touch with prospects and clients,​ expanding marketing collateral,​ habitual marketing,​ a​ good referral system,​ automated billing system,​ templates of​ best practice business and marketing materials,​ soliciting previous customers and outsourcing your marketing services.

Sound overwhelming? Don’t worry. Even starting with 2 or​ 3 of​ these tasks will help stabilize your sales flow. Start now. Put these tips into practice one by one and break the​ feast and famine cycle for good. Give your sales a​ perpetual sales boost with consistent marketing. Go ahead. Market daily and prosper daily.


Boost Ebook Sales With Easy Online Marketing P1

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