Book Marketing 101

Book Marketing 101

Book Marketing 101
The most common mistake people make when self publishing their books is​ to​ ignore marketing until it​ is​ too late .​
As an​ author,​ you​ want your book to​ be the​ best in​ its category .​
To make it​ stand out from the​ rest,​ you​ need to​ market your book carefully and there are a​ lot of​ decisions to​ make right at​ the​ start.
Who are you​ planning to​ sell your book to? This is​ the​ most critical question you​ need to​ answer .​
Before taking any steps to​ promote your book you​ should be aware of​ who your target audience is​ .​
‘Everybody’ is​ not the​ correct answer to​ this question,​ although it​ is​ a​ common answer .​
The more focused you​ are on​ your target audience the​ easier it​ will be for you​ reach them .​
After identifying you​ target audience,​ you​ should try to​ gather as​ much data about them as​ you​ can .​
The next step should be to​ outline your goals and objectives,​ determine your budget and implement your strategies .​
From there,​ you​ can then determine what form your book should take .​
For example,​ the​ size and weight,​ number of​ pages,​ type of​ cover,​ etc .​
The best selling books are not necessarily the​ best books so it​ depends on​ how it​ was promoted .​
It used to​ be a​ common wisdom that the​ only way to​ become a​ best selling author was to​ go through a​ major publishing house .​
However,​ for many years,​ many bestsellers have actually been self published and self promoted .​
When deciding whether to​ self publish your book or​ not,​ you​ should examine the​ advantages that successful self-publishers seem to​ have over their not so fortunate counterparts.
Has your book already been published? you​ want to​ make sure you​ are going to​ market with something new .​
So make sure to​ do some research before putting all your effort into selling something that has already been sold .​
Your title will be critical in​ capturing your target audience so choose it​ carefully .​
Similarly,​ your cover should catch your target audience's eye .​
Think of​ what appeals to​ that particular demographic.
As writers have a​ reputation for being sensitive creatures,​ it​ should first of​ all be noted that those who plan to​ handle the​ marketing and publicity aspects of​ their book themselves should shed this image and possess thick hides .​
While sensitivity is​ great while writing your book,​ you​ have to​ alter your approach and become practical when it​ comes to​ marketing it .​
You should not take any negatives situations that arise personally and should feel as​ if​ all the​ setbacks are taking you​ closer to​ your end goal.
In this age of​ internet a​ book that is​ promoted through the​ web gains an​ added advantage over those which are not .​
Thus,​ to​ promote your book online,​ you​ should first of​ all have an​ exclusive website for it .​
Here you​ should display your book’s cover,​ excerpts,​ reviews and testimonials on​ the​ home page and provide links to​ distributors that carry your book .​
Another way to​ get your book noticed is​ by including it​ in​ a​ books in​ print database .​
Several online bookstores use this database .​
If you​ are not building a​ website for your book then you​ can use an​ email promotion campaign for promoting it .​
First of​ all,​ you​ should send a​ newsletter to​ your different email contacts .​
Inform them about your book and then follow up with a​ sales letter.
Another way to​ promote your book online is​ by creating your own blog .​
Having a​ blog has now become one of​ the​ most profitable things on​ the​ web .​
On your blog you​ can add the​ link to​ your site and depending on​ the​ popularity of​ your blog it​ can receive more than one hundred thousand hits a​ day.
Price is​ a​ major consideration in​ marketing your book .​
Be aware of​ your target audience's typical disposable income level .​
This can make or​ break successful promotion of​ your book.
These are some basic tips on​ how to​ start thinking about marketing your book .​
This is​ an​ ongoing process and will require constant re-evaluation .​
Become aware of​ what works for other authors and incorporate ideas when they make sense .​
Above all,​ have fun marketing your book!

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