Bonuses Benefits A Short Refresher

Bonuses & Benefits - a​ Short Refresher
What's the difference between a​ bonus and​ a​ benefit?
It's simple .​
A benefit is​ something that is​ a​ part of​ the product you​ are selling (or the service); and​ a​ bonus is​ the more than my job's worth EXTRA component that has actually nothing to​ do whatsoever with the product you​ are selling .​
Now, it​ is​ true that bonuses can have benefits; they SHOULD have benefits and​ you​ should tell people about those benefits, else it​ isn't a​ bonus and​ completely worthless, basically - LOL!
To know the benefits of​ any product (a core product OR a​ bonus product!) is​ of​ the essence to​ explain​ to​ people WHY on​ EARTH they should buy this​ thing .​
Basically, you​ get three kinds of​ benefits:
1 .​
Immediate benefits - What is​ going to​ happen AS SOon​ as​ they've bought this?
this​ is​ REALLY, REALLY, REALLY important .​
People lose the sight of​ the bigger picture the more stressed they are; that is​ a​ direct cause and​ effect .​
The more stressed, the more RIGHT NOW!!! their thinking becomes, and​ anything beyond manyana is​ just a​ fog that will never happen .​
this​ is​ a​ good time to​ work with SENSORY and​ TACTILE benefits - that wonderful new car smell, the excitement of​ unwrapping the box; the pride of​ showing it​ to​ a​ friend when you​ get home; a​ sense of​ relief because now a​ problem will stop .​
The instant download of​ the Internet is​ perfect for​ this, but to​ spell out the IMMEDIATE BENEFITS beyond you​ can start to​ read right away for​ e-infomercial products is​ ESSENTIAL .​
*** a​ Note: Hard Pitching INCREASES stress! The harder you​ pitch, the more you​ need to​ concentrate on​ the IMMEDIATE benefits to​ make the sale .​
2 .​
Usage Benefits - How do you​ benefit WHILST you​ are using the product?
this​ is​ about ease of​ use, good feelings that arise because you​ are using this​ product (and​ not any other!), what you​ can DO with it, what problems in​ daily life this​ product solves .​
*** a​ Note: Remember that telling people what DOES NOT happen because you're using this​ product (no stress, no hassle, no time wasted, no PAIN!) is​ definitely also a​ big BENEFIT to​ them .​
Cessation​ of​ pain​ is​ a​ MASSIVE motivator!
3 .​
Long Term Benefits - What will happen AFTER the product has been used?
this​ is​ the one that advertisers often find the hardest or​ get confused - this​ is​ not about how the product tastes or​ smells or​ looks, or​ how nice it​ is​ to​ eat at​ all any more .​
this​ is​ about how you​ found LOVE ***AFTER**** the benefits from eating the product had set in, made you​ more attractive, brought about the change .​
So if​ you​ are selling an​ orange, this​ long term benefit shows the happy couple on​ their honeymoon​ at​ sunset, for​ example .​
These long term benefits are usually very standard - happy couple on​ the beach, a​ naked woman with an​ inviting look, freedom on​ a​ shore, your​ name in​ lights, that kind of​ thing .​
***A Note: Just because you​ are selling screwdrivers does NOT mean your​ product doesn't have such long term benefits at​ the end .​
EVERYTHING does, somehow .​
Why does someone buy a​ screwdriver? To fix something .. .​
to​ make something more perfect .. .​
to​ move towards a​ more perfect life with perfect freedom, perfect love, perfect happiness .. .​
When you​ hire an​ expensive marketing expert, the first thing they'll do is​ to​ send you​ back to​ your​ OWN PRODUCT and​ MAKE you​ COMPILE LISTS of​ BENEFITS of​ your​ product .​
The benefits of​ ANY product or​ service are what SELLS the product .​
To KNOW what these benefits are EXACTLY is​ the master key to​ be able to​ write advertising copy, to​ tell people about it, to​ answer their questions and​ concerns .​
you​ really can't spend enough time on​ finding out all about your​ own benefits (actually, that also works for​ dating agency advertisements .. .​
you​ know .. .​
you​ do want to​ find perfect love and​ happiness and​ freedom, don't ya ...!) and​ knowing what they are, DISCOVERING more and​ more good points about your​ products/services .​
When you​ got that benefits thing down and​ you​ can extract benefits immediately, see and​ know what they are and​ TELL this​ TO OTHERS, you​ can't go wrong anymore .​
if​ you​ THEN add BONUSES, which are also products which have FURTHER BENEFITS!, to​ your​ sales offer, THEN you​ have something that is​ worth buying and​ you​ GET a​ DEAL!
Success To YOU!
Silvia Hartmann

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