Bojenmi Chinese Tea The Ultimate Secret For Weight Loss And More

Bojenmi Chinese Tea The Ultimate Secret For Weight Loss And More

Bojenmi Chinese Tea the​ Ultimate Secret For Weight Loss and More!
Known as​ Baojianmei Jianfei Cha in​ Chinese,​ bojenmi Chinese tea is​ one of​ the​ most popular products of​ China that has been used mainly for weight loss. in​ fact,​ it​ has been used for such purpose for the​ past twenty years.
The term bojenmi actually means slim and beautiful in​ Chinese. it​ is​ produced under the​ Egret River Brand of​ the​ Xiamen Export Corporation XMEHECO in​ Xiamen,​ an island of​ Fujian province.
The Herbs and Their Uses
The bojenmi Chinese tea formulation is​ basically provided in​ the​ form of​ a​ loose tea and easy to​ use tea bags. Several ingredients are used for this herb formulation,​ but the​ main ingredient is​ the​ tea leaf from Fujian Province. Reports have revealed that 50 percent of​ this product contains tea leaf which has been shown to​ help lower blood lipids. An extract of​ other herbs,​ however,​ are sprayed onto the​ tea leaf to​ make the​ finished beverage product,​ which is​ then prepared by steeping in​ boiled water for 3 to​ 4 minutes.
The other wellknown ingredients of​ bojenmi Chinese tea are the​ following
• Crataegus shanzha
• Malt maiya
• Pharbitis qianniuzi
• Pogostemon huoxiang
• Hoelen fuling
• Citrus chenpi
• Alisma zexie
• Cassia juemingzi
• Phaseolus chixiaodou
• Shenchu shenqu
• Raphanus laifuzi
Accordingly,​ these herbs are traditionally used to​ enhance digestion,​ resolve accumulations of​ phlegm and moisture,​ eliminate food stagnation,​ and provide a​ slight laxative action. Also,​ the​ combination includes the​ four therapeutic actions relied upon by the​ Chinese doctors to​ promote weight loss and reduce blood lipids.
It is​ interesting to​ know that malt,​ shenchu,​ cratageus,​ raphanus,​ citrus peel and pogostemon are used to​ invigorate the​ digestion of​ foods in​ the​ stomach. the​ holen mushroom,​ phaseolus,​ alisma,​ citrus and pogostemon also have power to​ remove excess fluid. Then,​ the​ cassia and pharbitis are said to​ provide a​ laxative effect,​ while the​ crataegus,​ alisma,​ and cassia reduce blood lipids. in​ addition,​ the​ combination of​ malt,​ shenchu,​ crataegus and raphanus was shown in​ a​ clinical trial to​ lessen the​ symptoms of​ abdominal distention,​ eructation,​ acid regurgitation,​ intestinal gurgling,​ as​ well as​ intestinal cramping in​ patients with sluggish bowel function.
The Right Dosage
Experts recommend that the​ right dosage of​ bojenmi Chinese tea is​ 3 to​ 6 grams each time to​ be taken three times a​ day. So,​ about 9 to​ 18 grams of​ the​ bojenmi Chinese tea leaves carrying the​ herbal extracts is​ then taken in​ one day. That would be 3 to​ 6 bags of​ bojenmi Chinese tea,​ as​ one tea bag contains 3 grams.
According to​ the​ bojenmi Chinese tea package information,​ if​ no dietary changes are considered,​ one can still lose weight,​ though it​ is​ best to​ have a​ low calorie diet for continued weight loss.
The Bojenmi Chinese tea actually has a​ mild taste,​ something like the​ ordinary black tea,​ but with a​ slight added spicybitter taste. if​ desired,​ you can add a​ small amount of​ sugar or​ other sweetener on​ it​ to​ alter the​ taste.

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