Boating Industry Launches Marketing Campaign

Boating Industry Launches Marketing Campaign

Boating Industry Launches Marketing Campaign
For the​ first time in​ U. S. boating history,​ marine products manufacturers will spend millions of​ dollars promoting the​ benefits of​ recreational boating and boat ownership.
The National Marine Manufacturers Associations Grow Boating campaign and $12 million marketing blitz includes national advertising buys,​ direct mail and other initiatives that the​ industry hopes will connect with potential boaters whose free time is​ growing more fractionalized.
Our goal is​ to​ make the​ two best days in​ a​ boaters life every Saturday and Sunday,​ said Thom Dammrich,​ president of​ the​ National Marine Manufacturers Association,​ during a​ presentation to​ industry leaders at​ the​ recent Miami International Boat Show.
Yamaha,​ one of​ the​ largest marine product brands in​ the​ world,​ agreed to​ contribute hundreds of​ thousands of​ dollars in​ support of​ the​ campaign. Yamaha is​ optimistic that the​ money spent will further the​ strategies the​ company launched internally to​ make boating more attractive for families.
We have been engaged in​ promoting boating as​ a​ great family activity for a​ number of​ years now and we are gratified to​ see the​ entire boating industry joining us in​ this endeavor,​ said Mark Speaks,​ president of​ Yamaha WaterCraft. There is​ plenty of​ evidence indicating that families that boat together are healthier,​ happier and more successful. Any parent that has been boating with their family understands what a​ great way this is​ to​ renew the​ ties that bind the​ family together.
Yamaha WaterCraft Group is​ one of​ the​ few companies in​ the​ boating industry enjoying doubledigit growth and is​ a​ major voice behind the​ industrys Grow Boating campaign. to​ meet the​ needs of​ new entrants to​ the​ boating lifestyle,​ Yamaha offers new,​ fully featured family watercraft starting around $7,​000.
According to​ federal studies looking at​ U. S. recreational trends,​ 65 million Americans reported that they go boating annually,​ and 28 million Americans reported that they ride personal watercraft.

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