Blog Marketing New Hit Or Outdated

Blog marketing,​ and bloggers are media. the​ whitehouse among other places now recognize bloggers as​ member of​ the​ media,​ hence blog marketing must be the​ media agent. No the​ question is​ how to​ capitalize on​ that point and to​ do it​ now before the​ competition discover this landmine.

On way to​ use Blog marketing is​ to​ build your email list through the​ blog,​ and also to​ have your blog become that email list. By encouraging your readers to​ subscriber either via RSS or​ email is​ one way to​ do that. But how to​ you​ grow the​ subscriber list?

Make subscribing easy-Attach a​ link to​ each of​ your posts with a​ subscription link.

Stay focused-Keep your postings limited to​ the​ subject of​ your blog. it​ is​ easy when using blog marketing to​ make one quick post about your souse,​ children or​ the​ weather and it​ changes the​ whole focus of​ the​ blog.

Offer a​ Bribe-It’s an​ ethical bribe,​ in​ the​ form of​ a​ free ebook,​ report,​ e-course or​ audio series. Typically this only works with email subscriptions tied to​ autoresponders,​ because you​ want to​ condition delivery of​ the​ bonus on​ subscription. if​ you​ have a​ WordPress blog,​ use the​ free Feedvertising plugin to​ link to​ the​ download page for your free gift. Since Feedvertising links only show up in​ the​ feed (and not in​ the​ post),​ only feed subscribers will see the​ link and have access to​ the​ bonus.

Use viral ebooks-This is​ a​ spin on​ the​ ethical bribe strategy,​ but instead you​ let other people give away your PDF ebook or​ even bundle it​ for sale with other products. the​ PDF in​ turn promotes your blog. Check out this post to​ see how I bundled my free Viral Copy report with a​ book that spent several days at​ the​ top of​ the​ Amazon bestseller list.

Dedicated subscription landing page-Create a​ page that is​ dedicated to​ nothing more than obtaining a​ subscription,​ and drive traffic to​ it​ from your blog,​ AdWords,​ or​ really any other source you​ want. you​ can even put it​ on​ a​ unique URL,​ and add in​ the​ ethical bribe strategy to​ increase signups. For more information on​ doing this with AdWords,​ read this article,​ and then this one.

Following these five steps will have your blog gaining subscribers quickly,​ provider you​ are using unique relevant content.
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