Birthday Party Games Add To The Fun

Birthday Party Games Add To The Fun

If your theme is​ based on​ a​ T.V. show or​ movie,​ be sure to​ read through the​ story for ideas. Blue loves to​ find clues. the​ traditional Scavenger Hunt becomes Blue's Treasure Hunt. You might also want to​ play theme music at​ the​ party and read a​ short version of​ the​ original story. All are great birthday party games that will make the​ day memorable. These suggestions are from kids domain. Most of​ these games are good for almost any party with kids - and they're not just for birthdays!

1. Pin the​ _Something_ on​ _Something_

Traditionally pin the​ tail on​ the​ donkey,​ this game can be changed to​ fit any theme. in​ this game,​ blindfolded guests try to​ stick a​ paper 'tail' onto a​ poster of​ a​ donkey. You can take a​ piece of​ poster board and draw anything with something missing - a​ nose on​ a​ clown or​ animal,​ the​ TY heart on​ a​ beanie baby,​ a​ spaceship in​ an​ outer space scene,​ and one year we​ gave Yoda (Star Wars) his staff. Just be sure to​ include an​ outline of​ where the​ object needs to​ land.

2. Bean Bag Toss

You can make an​ easy Bean Bag Toss using a​ double layer of​ poster board glued together and a​ large box. Use the​ large box as​ a​ base,​ and attach the​ poster board to​ one side of​ it. Before attaching the​ poster board,​ paint a​ design on​ it,​ allowing for one or​ more holes. Kids always have a​ lot of​ fun throwing bean bags. They're easy to​ make from fabric scraps if​ you sew. This
should be included in​ your file of​ inexpensive and creative birthday party games.

3. Pinata

This is​ a​ game that requires room and good supervision. the​ children are blindfolded (or not,​ if​ they are young and don't want to​ be) and they take a​ stick and try to​ break a​ hanging container that has candies and other small goodies in​ it. (Colorful Band-Aids are popular among preschoolers). to​ make one,​ you can do something as​ simple as​ decorating a​ paper grocery bag with paints or​ crepe paper and then gluing and taping the​ top shut once the​ treats are inside. Run a​ string along the​ top edge before shutting the​ bag. You can also make a​ fancier one using a​ balloon and paper mache. the​ fun thing is​ that these can be decorated to​ match any theme. This is​ just one of​ the​ many birthday party games that can be adapted to​ the​ ages of​ the​ attendees.

4. Make a​ Bracelet/Necklace

This activity can be an​ activity the​ children can go to​ between other activities,​ or​ the​ main focus. a​ big bag of​ pony beads,​ some elastic cord,​ scissors and an​ adult to​ help when needed,​ and they can make their own jewelry. Be sure to​ supervise this one,​ so that necklaces and bracelets are not made too tight.

5. Go on​ a​ Treasure Hunt

These are some treasure hunt ideas: You can scatter coins in​ the​ lawn and let the​ kids hunt for them,​ much like an​ Easter egg hunt. You can hide each child's goodie bag and then give that child a​ piece of​ paper with a​ hint for finding it​ - it​ could be a​ simple map drawing for a​ young child,​ a​ word or​ two,​ or​ a​ riddle for older children. You can also let the​ children do a​ paper clue based hunt as​ a​ group - with the​ goodie bag for the​ youngest being the​ first found,​ along with the​ clue to​ the​ next goodie bag,​ and so on.

6. Guess How Many

This is​ an​ old favorite on​ the​ birthday party games list. Fill a​ jar with candy. Have children write their name on​ a​ small piece of​ paper and their guess as​ to​ how many candies are in​ the​ jar. the​ child who guesses the​ right number,​ or​ comes closest,​ gets a​ sucker. the​ candy in​ the​ jar is​ then divided among the​ children. a​ variation would be that the​ winner takes the​ jar of​ candy home to​ share with their family.

7. Make Place Cards or​ Placemats

This activity could be as​ complex or​ simple as​ you want - children can decorate 3x5 cards or​ construction paper with a​ variety of​ stickers,​ cut outs (use an​ old beanie baby magazine for a​ source of​ a​ hundred or​ more beanie pictures,​ a​ pokemon magazine for pokemon),​ crayons,​ and colored pencils. if​ you have enough help to​ cover the​ placemats after they're done with clear contact paper,​ they will last a​ long time.

8. Who Am I?

When the​ children come through the​ door tape a​ farm animal or​ item/object to​ their backs. Through the​ course of​ the​ party they may ask each other yes and no questions about what they are. Explain that the​ first question they may want to​ ask is​ "Am I an​ animal or​ an​ object?" at​ the​ end of​ the​ party each child takes a​ turn saying what they think they are. Suggestions: cow,​ pig,​ sheep...pitchfork,​ saddle,​ horseshoe,​ hay,​ milk,​ barn,​ tractor,​ etc. This is​ another one of​ very popular birthday party games.

9. Button,​ Button,​ Who's got the​ Button

A child is​ chosen to​ be "it" and hides her eyes as​ a​ button is​ given to​ a​ child to​ hide in​ his lap or​ behind his back. "It" then has three chances to​ guess which child has the​ item. (All children hide their hands in​ their laps/behind their backs like they have it.) For animal themes,​ select an​ item that goes with the​ animal. if​ you're doing a​ character theme like Cinderella it​ would be "Slipper,​ Slipper,​ Who's got the​ Slipper".

Birthday Party Games Add To The Fun

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