Bikini Line Hair Removal A Guide To Pubic Hair Removal Methods

Bikini Line Hair Removal A Guide To Pubic Hair Removal Methods

Shaving is​ the​ most common method of​ removing pubic hair. That’s probably because it’s cheap and you​ can do it​ yourself at​ home. Most women use a​ razor and if​ you​ decide to​ do the​ same,​ remember to​ use a​ safety razor designed for​ bikini line hair removal. Electric razors are more expensive but less hassle to​ use and a​ little safer.

Many women find shaving a​ quick and convenient short-term method of​ bikini line hair removal but frequent pubic hair shaving can be a​ pain. Side effects can include razor bumps and other skin irritations and stubble growth between shaves can lead to​ itching and ingrown hairs.

Bikini Wax
If you​ want a​ longer-term solution than shaving,​ a​ bikini wax is​ an​ option. as​ hair is​ pulled out from the​ roots,​ it​ won’t grow back for​ four to​ six weeks. Not surprisingly,​ the​ treatment can be painful,​ and many women are reluctant to​ use this method of​ pubic hair removal for​ this reason. It’s worth remembering though that the​ pain should be less with every treatment.

Epilators are electric devices that when applied to​ the​ skin pull hair out by the​ roots. Hair may not return for​ up to​ four weeks so they can be quite a​ good long-term method of​ pubic hair removal. They used to​ be painful to​ use but current products are reportedly less so as​ they numb the​ skin as​ they work. Very short hairs can be removed too so stubble and ingrown hairs are less of​ a​ problem.

Depilatory lotions
Depilatory lotions can take as​ little as​ ten minutes to​ dissolve hair. Some are designed for​ bikini line hair removal but you​ should use them with caution. Never use them on​ the​ pubic area other than along the​ bikini line as​ the​ chemicals can burn the​ skin or​ cause allergic reactions. Always carry out a​ skin test on​ your elbow before using a​ depilatory cream. Don’t use products designed for​ removing hair on​ the​ face: the​ pubic area is​ more sensitive.

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