Beverage Company Sponsors Teen Games

Beverage Company Sponsors Teen Games
As part of​ an effort to​ contribute to​ the​ community that has added to​ its success,​ Fire Mountain Beverage Co. recently sponsored this years L. A. Watts Summer Games,​ the​ largest high school athletic competition in​ the​ nation.
Our goal here is​ to​ support elite high school athletes by giving back to​ the​ same markets that support our sales,​ said Anthony Miller,​ chief executive officer of​ Fire Mountain Beverage. This event helps to​ accomplish one of​ our objectives by promoting healthy living through education.
Since the​ passage of​ the​ Pupil Nutrition,​ Health and Achievement Act of​ 2001,​ California schools have banned the​ sale of​ sugared,​ carbonated beverages and are moving toward juices,​ certain sports drinks,​ diet sodas and bottled water. And recently,​ major beverage distributors have followed suit,​ agreeing to​ stop selling sugary drinks to​ the​ nations public schools.
Fire Mountains Five O2 oxygenated bottled water is​ enriched with vitamins a​ and C,​ niacin,​ potassium and calcium,​ making it​ a​ more nutritious alternative to​ beverages containing sugar,​ caffeine,​ sodium and carbohydrates. Five O2 also comes in​ fruit flavors that are appealing to​ consumers of​ any age. By sponsoring the​ games,​ the​ company hopes to​ show teen athletes that they have healthier options with which to​ quench their thirst.
The L. A. Watts Summer Games started in​ 1968,​ three years after racially charged riots tore the​ Watts neighborhood apart. the​ goal was to​ foster understanding and camaraderie among the​ areas high school students. the​ games now include competitions for both boys and girls in​ soccer,​ track and field,​ volleyball,​ tennis,​ cheerleading,​ music,​ art and poetry and more. Nearly 200,​000 young people have participated in​ the​ games to​ date.
To promote the​ achievements of​ high school students in​ areas other than athletics,​ scholastics were added to​ the​ mission of​ the​ games. in​ 1992,​ a​ scholarship program was established for youth dedicated to​ serving the​ community through volunteerism.

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