Better Comprehension Better Grades Make More Money

Better Comprehension Better Grades Make More Money

Speed reading can improve your comprehension,​ save time,​ improve your grades and enable you​ to​ make more money.

Whether you​ are a​ parent looking out for your child's future or​ a​ business owner looking to​ improve yourself or​ your business,​ you​ should consider speed reading. Not just because I recommend it,​ but because it​ has factual evidence to​ back it​ up.

I'm sure you've heard of​ it,​ but have you​ really thought about how speed reading could improve the​ way you​ live?

Did you​ know that speed reading could actually improve your reading comprehension just by changing the​ way you​ view words? Maybe it​ could help you​ save time or​ even make more money?

Save time and make more money?! Now I have your attention,​ don't I?

We all know reading is​ a​ required skill if​ you​ are going to​ accomplish anything in​ life. Speed reading is​ quickly becoming a​ very sought-after skill,​ especially in​ today's fast-paced world!

Studies have shown how speed reading in​ school-aged kids helps improve their reading comprehension,​ essentially by teaching them to​ look at​ whole words instead of​ the​ letters that make up the​ words. Reading more quickly and effectively helps them get better grades. Better grades in​ school means higher SOL and SAT scores. if​ they can read faster and receive better grades in​ primary,​ middle and high school,​ this could potentially give your child a​ big jump start toward more college opportunities.

The benefits of​ speed reading continue throughout the​ rest of​ their lives. Giving your child or​ even yourself more options for college offers a​ better chance of​ achieving the​ career of​ your dreams. More opportunities for self improvement opens more doors for a​ better life. And isn't that what we all strive for? to​ better ourselves and our lives? Reach for the​ stars and never give up on​ our dreams?

If your business is​ online,​ try this on​ for size. Online business moves very quickly,​ and if​ you​ aren't up to​ speed,​ you​ could get left in​ the​ virtual dust. the​ average Web surfer spends roughly 100 seconds on​ a​ single webpage before moving on​ to​ something else. That's about one minute,​ 40 seconds per webpage. Speed reading would allow you​ to​ read the​ information even more quickly and retain it​ more effectively. So if​ your business revolves around information,​ which most do,​ speed reading could boost your online business profits through the​ virtual roof!

I like to​ look at​ speed reading as​ a​ very valuable self-help tool. I am a​ firm believer that if​ you​ CAN do anything to​ improve yourself or​ your life,​ you​ SHOULD do it.

How often have you​ wished you​ had more time to​ sit and read a​ book? Self-help books are great motivators; imagine being able to​ read an​ entire book in​ minutes and retain the​ information you​ have read more effectively than if​ you​ had read it​ slowly.

I briefly mentioned in​ the​ third paragraph how speed reading could help you​ save time. I'd like to​ talk about that a​ little more in​ depth as​ I close this article. as​ human beings in​ today's fact-paced world,​ the​ more quickly we get things done,​ the​ sooner we get to​ move on​ to​ the​ next project or​ spend time doing things we enjoy. More productivity leads to​ more money and more free time to​ enjoy life.

If it's not already obvious,​ I strongly recommend speed reading to​ anyone with a​ willingness to​ learn and better themselves and their lives.

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Better Comprehension Better Grades Make More Money

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