Best Online Marketing Techniques

Best Online Marketing Techniques

I have been in​ internet marketing for over ten years and have seen marketing techniques come and go. Some are still around and some are new and innovative. Below you​ will find what I believe to​ be the​ best and most effective online marketing techniques.

Article Marketing - Article marketing was and is​ one of​ the​ most powerful online marketing methods available. Not only does it​ do wonders for you​ and your business,​ it​ is​ free as​ well!

Article marketing consists of​ writing helpful,​ informative,​ easy to​ understand articles that actually help your readers,​ not try to​ sell them something. Then you​ submit them to​ article banks,​ directories and ezine publishers. When your article runs in​ a​ popular ezine,​ it​ can do great things for your business. Writing articles is​ not as​ hard as​ you​ might think so give it​ a​ try. you​ will be delightfully surprised at​ how much it​ can affect your business.


Don't worry about fancy words. People are looking for help,​ not big words.

Advertise in​ your resource box,​ not your article.

Provide real,​ helpful info and resources,​ hot hype!

Write from the​ heart! Let your personality shine through in​ your articles.

Blogging - Blogging is​ a​ newer form of​ online marketing that just started becoming popular in​ the​ late 90's. Blog is​ short for weblog and means an​ online publication in​ the​ form of​ a​ log or​ journal. Blogs can increase your customer base,​ your traffic and your search engine ranking,​ thus increasing your sales.

Blogging can be done for free through such sites as:

Be sure and update your blog regularly; everyday would be best as​ people like fresh content,​ ideas and information.

Ezine Publishing - Ezine publishing has been around much longer than blogging and is​ far more effective,​ in​ my opinion. Your ezine needs to​ contain helpful resources and information,​ not just sales pitches. Develop a​ relationship with your readers. Let them know they can trust you​ and rely on​ you​ when they need your help.

Things to​ remember when putting together your ezine:

Keep it​ clean and easy to​ read.
Limit your advertising and be selective.
Always provide quality content and information.
Add your personality so your readers can get to​ know you.
Always provide contact info and be accessible.
Be consistent; send your ezine regularly as​ scheduled.
Be sure and proofread before sending it​ out.

Online Networking - Online networking,​ as​ with offline networking,​ is​ very important to​ your business. This is​ when you​ connect with as​ many people as​ possible to​ learn more and share more about your business. Many leads can come from networking. There are several ways to​ do this online.

Email Discussion Groups: Go to​ and search for appropriate groups.

Message Boards: Be sure and follow the​ rules for posting and offer your help as​ much as​ possible.

Social Sites: Such as​,​ Ryze,​ Merchant Circle,​ etc. These can be great ways to​ make more contacts and get leads.

Joint Ventures - This is​ when you​ enter into an​ agreement with another online marketer that will benefit both sides.

Examples of​ joint ventures:

Ezine Ad Swaps
eBook Ad Swaps
Subscription Page Ad Swaps
Affiliate Programs
Exchange Advertising for % of​ Sales

and the​ list goes on​ and on. Be creative and come up with new ways you​ and your associates can help each other.

Podcasting - Podcasting is​ using digital media files which are distributed all over the​ internet via syndication feeds. Podcasting is​ still a​ fairly new way of​ online marketing and has great potential. Podcasting can be powerful because it​ uses voice not written words to​ get the​ message across. Offer your articles,​ do voice interviews,​ offer a​ chapter in​ your ebook via podcast,​ etc. Again,​ use your imagination to​ create new ways to​ spread the​ word about your business.

Ezine Advertising - Advertising your business,​ product,​ service,​ etc. in​ quality ezines can be well worth the​ money spent. There are a​ few things you​ can to​ to​ help you​ choose which ezines to​ advertise in.

Do a​ search to​ find ezines that cater to​ your target market. For example: if​ you​ are advertising kids' books,​ you​ don't want to​ advertise in​ an​ ezine about cars.

Once you​ find several targeted ezines,​ subscribe to​ them so you​ can look them over and see if​ the​ publisher is​ reliable in​ sending them out. you​ can also look over the​ other ads and make sure the​ publisher is​ selective in​ their advertising. you​ can possibly learn what the​ other readers think of​ the​ ezine as​ well.

Try contacting the​ publisher to​ see if​ they respond to​ your email. Ask about testimonials from other advertisers. Find out how many ads they run per issue and what the​ costs are.

You could also ask the​ publisher to​ do an​ ad swap to​ get an​ idea of​ what the​ response is​ like. Be selective in​ your choices and always code your ads so you​ know which ezines actually deliver.

I hope this article has given you​ some insight as​ to​ how to​ market your home/online business. I use several of​ these methods (and should be using the​ rest) and know from experience that they work!

The possibilities with the​ internet are endless and we need to​ keep up with new and innovative ways of​ marketing ourselves and our business. And we need to​ keep using tried and true methods as​ well.

Best Online Marketing Techniques

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