Best Diet 3 Key Ingredients For Ultimate Weight Loss Success

So you've made the​ resolution that THIS is​ the​ year you're going to​ lose weight and get in​ the​ best shape of​ your life. You're not going to​ settle for second best - you're going to​ achieve that dream body you've always wanted.

Great news - this is​ actually the​ best time to​ make that commitment. Why? Because you can take advantage of​ the​ powerful momentum and energy a​ New Year brings to​ achieve your weight loss dreams.

But there's nothing worse than committing to​ lose weight,​ only to​ get lost among the​ 5 gazillion diets out there. it​ can get confusing - you may end up wasting a​ lot of​ money and effort. You may end up wondering which diet is​ really the​ BEST diet for you.

You may even end up feeling so frustrated that you give up on​ your dream of​ becoming slim and healthy. But it​ doesn't have to​ be that way.

In order to​ have rapid weight loss success,​ you have to​ find the​ best diet for you (a.k.a. the​ diet that will speed you towards your dream body at​ lightning pace). There are millions of​ diets - but only a​ few that are best for you and your lifestyle.

The best diet for you will have the​ 3 key features listed below. Choose your diet with these 3 key features in​ mind and you're already halfway to​ your weight loss dreams.

#1 Proven Success Rate

Are there before and after pictures of​ people who have lost weight with that particular diet? Are there customer testimonials? Have there been independent studies done on​ the​ diet's success rate?

The diet you choose doesn't have to​ have all three of​ these but try to​ find at​ least some kind of​ proven success rate before choosing that particular program.

Finding a​ diet with a​ proven success rate not only lets you know that the​ diet works but it​ also helps give you the​ confidence that the​ diet will work FOR YOU.

Confidence is​ one of​ the​ most underrated factors in​ a​ successful weight loss program. if​ you've tried and failed with diets before you especially need that extra boost of​ confidence to​ carry you through the​ more difficult times in​ the​ diet. By reminding yourself that this diet has been proven to​ work - you'll be able to​ keep going and reach your weight loss goals.

A related feature that gets extra points is​ if​ the​ diet has been recommended by an​ expert or​ a​ physician. Again this boosts your confidence that the​ diet is​ safe and effective.

#2 Affordable.

Losing weight should not cost you thousands of​ dollars (unless we're talking about surgery here and that's an​ entirely different article). the​ best diet will be affordable for the​ average person.

If the​ diet costs too much,​ be very suspicious and look elsewhere. There are too many shady diets out there and as​ a​ consumer,​ it​ pays to​ be cautious.

I'll give you an​ example of​ what I mean:

A close friend of​ mine went to​ a​ well-known weight loss clinic in​ our area and was told she had to​ pay the​ yearly fees up front (around $1000 NOT including food). They also told her she had to​ buy their food in​ bulk (like $500 for a​ year's worth of​ chocolate). When the​ chocolate gave her heart palpitations and she had to​ take it​ back,​ they told her it​ was non-refundable. She was out the​ money for the​ chocolate. Plus,​ she feels she can't leave the​ program because she's paid the​ yearly fees (which,​ you guessed it,​ are also non-refundable).

She unfortunately made the​ mistake of​ ignoring her instincts and paying way too much money for a​ diet program. if​ you notice you're being asked for hefty fees right out of​ the​ gate,​ warning lights should be flashing in​ your mind.

Now on​ the​ other hand,​ the​ best diet WILL cost you something. it​ actually is​ better if​ you put some cash on​ the​ table for your diet program. Why? Because when we​ invest in​ something we're more likely to​ stick with it. When we​ invest in​ something we​ are more likely to​ follow through and get the​ results we​ want.

For example I did a​ liver detox several months ago. I'm not really into liver detoxing but I read an​ article and figured I'd try it.

The detox kit cost me a​ whopping $50 and when I opened the​ instructions they told me I had to​ give up junk food for two weeks. in​ any other universe I would have laughed and simply forgotten about detoxing my liver. But because I'd shelled out $50,​ I was invested - I decided that I hopefully wouldn't starve from lack of​ junk food over two weeks and suffered through it.

If I'd gotten the​ detox kit for free there's no way I would have followed those instructions. But because I was invested,​ I followed through and now have a​ healthier liver thanking me for it.

So when searching for the​ best diet,​ putting out some money on​ yourself and your dreams of​ a​ better body is​ actually a​ healthy thing. Just keep in​ mind that you shouldn't have to​ spend thousands of​ dollars on​ it.

#3 Compatible with Your Tastes and Lifestyle

This is​ the​ most crucial step however it's the​ one where most people go wrong. When choosing a​ diet,​ they simply pick one and go,​ without considering if​ it​ is​ compatible with their tastes and lifestyle.

For example,​ if​ you hate feeling deprived or​ empty you might want to​ choose a​ program that lets you eat many times during the​ day so you don't feel hungry. if​ you get bored easily you want a​ diet program that gives you tremendous variety and flexibility. if​ you don't do a​ lot of​ cooking or​ food preparation,​ you'll want to​ look at​ a​ program where the​ food is​ pre-made for you.

Diets are like cars - there are hundreds of​ different models out there,​ each with their own unique features. And they can get you where you want to​ go. But your personality might gel better with certain features than others.

Dieting is​ hard enough. Don't make it​ harder on​ yourself by choosing a​ diet not compatible with who you are. Setting yourself up for success will also guarantee that you'll stick it​ out until you reach your goal.

And one other thing,​ the​ best diet will be one that you can get excited about. Choose a​ diet that you enjoy,​ that you believe in,​ that may actually be - gulp - fun.

Emotional excitement will fade in​ time,​ yes. But it​ can give you enough of​ an​ emotional push to​ get you over the​ initial hump. By that time your first few pounds will have come off and will serve as​ your continuing motivation.

So those are 3 key considerations when looking for the​ best diet. Keep them in​ mind and you will progress in​ leaps and bounds towards your dream body. Remember,​ planning now may seem boring - but it's the​ key to​ your future weight loss success.

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