Benefits Of A Stair Lift

Benefits Of A Stair Lift

Do you​ struggle with the stairs? Have you​ found the climb taking your​ breath away? Instead of​ having to​ live downstairs and​ making expensive and​ stressful alterations to​ your​ home have you​ thought about installing a​ stair lift?

Stair lifts have been around for​ years and​ have developed into very user friendly and​ positive additions to​ your​ home.

Most stair lifts are reasonable priced obviously depending on​ which one you​ require. There are so many to​ choose from you​ can take your​ pick and​ make sure you​ don’t exceed your​ budget. Think about how much it​ will cost to​ install a​ stair lift compared to​ maybe having to​ install a​ bathroom downstairs or​ changing one of​ your​ reception​ rooms into a​ bedroom or​ sometimes having to​ have an​ extension​ built. All very costly solutions compared to​ the stair lift. Why would you​ only want to​ stay on​ the ground floor of​ your​ home and​ leave your​ bedroom?

With so many to​ choose from you​ can get one with a​ design to​ compliment your​ décor so it​ won’t be so noticeable, also some are designed to​ fold away for​ the narrow staircase or​ small landings again​ depending on​ your​ circumstances but good storage and​ safely out of​ the way of​ anybody walking by.

They manufacturer seats with padding to​ give you​ a​ comfortable ride so you​ should feel like you​ are seating on​ your​ lounge chair.

Most of​ the stair lifts have moving armrests which could be an​ advantage when you​ are boarding the chair or​ leaving. Another comfort if​ turning can be a​ problem maybe if​ you​ suffer with arthritis or​ hip problems.

There is​ also a​ foot rest so your​ feet wont be dangling as​ you​ are moving for​ not only again​ a​ comfortable ride but safety as​ there maybe an​ obstruction​ on​ the stairs or​ you​ may hit you​ foot. The seat and​ footrest can be adjusted to​ your​ height as​ we are all different sizes and​ you​ need it​ to​ be individual for​ you​ to​ maximise the benefits and​ safety.

Most of​ the controls are user friendly with either buttons or​ a​ joystick. Some can have a​ remote control giving you​ access to​ the stair lift without actually being sat on​ it, giving you​ complete control.

The speed of​ the stair lift should be slow and​ steady again​ most ensure a​ smooth ride. The modern stair lifts are fitted with a​ soft start and​ stop so you​ won’t come to​ sudden jolt when you​ arrive at​ the top or​ bottom of​ the stairs which could cause you​ pain, but this​ not only takes that away but gives you​ another safety facility.

There is​ a​ lap belt again​ with adjustable strap so you​ can wear with ease and​ so the belt can be used correctly. Most will have safety sensors which are placed on​ the footrest and​ seat some vary as​ to​ the position​ but all are there to​ detect any obstructions on​ the stairs, landing and​ at​ the bottom which will stop the chair immediately and​ not continue until it​ has been cleared. this​ is​ ideal if​ you​ have small pets who like to​ follow you​ or​ may have a​ favourite place to​ sleep at​ the bottom of​ the stairs and​ sometimes not always easy to​ see.

Some stair lifts are attached to​ the wall and​ some to​ the stair trend again​ depends on​ the manufacture and​ which stair lift you​ choose. There are stair lifts available for​ straight, curved, spiral and​ even outside stair cases.

The outside stair lift can be ideal if​ the stairs are wet, icy or​ very steep and​ dangerous giving you​ peace of​ mind and​ preventing a​ possible fall.

Most companies can provide a​ quick turn around with installation​ and​ minimum disturbance as​ most stair lifts are designed for​ easy installation. Also there should be a​ guarantee should you​ have any faults or​ questions once installed.

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