Benefits Of Shavasana

Benefits Of Shavasana

for​ many it​ is​ considered to​ be one of​ the easiest asanas, but that is​ not the case. Even though it​ may look very simple and​ non-beneficial but it​ is​ the other way round. After doing all your​ yoga poses this​ is​ one of​ the most essential and​ important pose to​ complete your​ yoga practice with. it​ is​ the asana which gives the opportunity to​ relax. Shavasana means Corpse pose due to​ the look of​ the asana. as​ you​ lie down it​ makes you​ aware about your​ body and​ how each part of​ your​ body plays a​ very important role in​ your​ life.

As you​ go along meditating it​ relaxes each nerve of​ your​ body and​ improves your​ respiration​ which creates the areas for​ energy and​ vitality. it​ benefits mentally as​ well as​ physically, which helps in​ focusing your​ positive energy for​ a​ greater good. Mind and​ body should not waiver while doing this​ asana. Full concentration​ is​ required and​ it​ may prove to​ be very handy in​ times when you​ need the most. a​ motionless mind and​ body helps you​ reach the level of​ optimum relaxation. Listening to​ soothing voice or​ some chants may just help you​ reach that meditated level.

The respiratory and​ circulatory system is​ cleared and​ opens to​ a​ more refreshing life. The overworked muscles tend to​ relax when you​ are in​ this​ asana. Every system in​ the body relaxes which gives them the breathing space to​ conserve energy and​ be more useful later on. it​ is​ very beneficial for​ people who are heart patient as​ well as​ suffering from blood pressure. it​ helps in​ improving your​ stress level and​ may also relieve you​ from slight depression. Minor problems like headache, fatigue and​ insomnia may also be reduced. People with back injury or​ any other back problems should take extra care.

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