Benefits Of Progesterone Cream

Benefits Of Progesterone Cream

Progesterone is​ a​ hormone produced by the ovaries that balances the production​ of​ estrogen, a​ hormone that can cause a​ variety of​ serious ailments such as​ cancer. Production​ of​ progesterone by the ovaries decreases as​ people grow older, which leads to​ excess estrogen in​ the body. this​ condition​ usually occurs a​ few years before menopause.

Severe stress, anxiety, and​ an​ improper diet can also be the reasons for​ the ineffectiveness of​ the progesterone cream. These factors will cause the body produce more estrogen than must be handled by progesterone in​ the body. The side effects can be drastic if​ this​ estrogen level is​ not controlled as​ early as​ possible. Other reasons for​ the increase in​ estrogen levels in​ the body are any kind of​ diseases in​ kidney and​ liver. Also, chemicals in​ food tend to​ act as​ fake estrogens and​ create problems.

Natural progesterone cream, produced in​ laboratories using an​ extract from wild yam and​ soybeans as​ raw material, can be a​ good solution​ to​ women facing low progesterone problem. Other prescription​ based synthetic progesterone creams are also being manufactured.

Very rarely have side effects been noticed in​ women using natural progesterone. in​ most of​ the cases, synthetic progesterone has been known to​ produce a​ number of​ side effects such as​ depression, insomnia, nausea, fluid retention, etc.

Natural progesterone cream must be used with utmost caution​ to​ avoid unpleasant side effects. it​ can be used as​ per doctor’s instructions for​ a​ limited amount of​ time. Most women need to​ use this​ cream till adrenal hormones normalize. Usage can usually be stopped after this. Natural progesterone will easily convert into testosterone and​ estrogen if​ required by the body.

Some of​ the common​ benefits of​ using this​ cream are that it​ keeps estrogen level in​ check and​ helps in​ bone building, which can help to​ avoid osteoporosis. it​ is​ also supposed to​ increase libido in​ men and​ prevents various cancers like endometrial and​ breast cancer.

Benefits Of Progesterone Cream

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