Benefits Of Podcasting For Educators

Benefits Of Podcasting For Educators

Stroll across any school campus these days and​ you’ll see iPods, MP3 players and​ other types of​ portable media devices everywhere you​ look. These trendy gadgets have become a​ way of​ life for​ today’s students and​ a​ growing number of​ educators are starting to​ capitalize on​ it​ through podcasting.

Pioneering a​ powerful new form of​ online communications, podcasting for​ educators has become an​ effective way of​ interacting with students outside of​ the traditional classroom. it​ enables the delivery of​ radio-quality content that can be listened to​ anytime, anywhere – even when students are not connected to​ a​ computer. But before incorporating it​ into the curriculum, its important to​ exam some of​ the benefits of​ podcasting for​ educators and​ how others are already using the technology to​ improve and​ expand​ the education​ of​ their students.

Universities were the first to​ embrace the technology, handing out iPods to​ freshman and​ making podcasts of​ lectures. at​ the K-12 level, teachers are just starting to​ explore the possibilities. But podcasting isn’t just about turning classroom lectures into online audio content. Many educators are turning PowerPoint presentations into podcasts, while others are using it​ to​ provide detailed audio explanations of​ frequently asked questions or​ as​ a​ tool for​ students to​ practice their vocabulary at​ home. Students can also create their own podcasts to​ interact with instructors or​ other students. in​ short, podcasting for​ educators adds a​ new dimension​ to​ teaching by making it​ a​ “cool” interactive communication​ between teachers and​ students

Parents also benefit from podcasting as​ it​ allows them to​ take a​ more active role in​ the children’s education. By simply programming their computers to​ automatically capture school broadcasts, they can keep track of​ how their children are doing in​ class and​ get the latest school announcements.

The primary benefit of​ podcasting for​ educators is​ quite simple. it​ enables teachers to​ reach students through a​ medium that is​ both “cool” and​ a​ part of​ their daily lives. for​ a​ technology that only requires a​ computer, microphone and​ internet connection, podcasting has the capacity of​ advancing a​ student’s education​ beyond the classroom. Educators need to​ perceive devices like iPods and​ other portable media devices not as​ distractions to​ learning; rather, capitalize on​ it​ and​ turn them into effective tools for​ learning.


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