Benefits Of Padangusthasana

this​ is​ one of​ the basic yoga asanas which we learn initially while learning yoga. All the yoga poses help in​ improving your​ flexibility which becomes very useful in​ our daily life. The asana is​ also known as​ head to​ foot pose. your​ desire to​ regulate your​ blood pressure can be done by this​ asana. The pressure on​ your​ head and​ the stretching of​ the muscles relaxes your​ brain, making you​ work out things more easily and​ calmly. The stretching and​ pulling tones your​ body and​ relaxes you​ by making you​ feel at​ ease. The bending helps your​ abdominal organs as​ it​ massages the liver and​ spleen making it​ useful to​ the optimum level.

if​ done properly this​ asana would benefit not only body but would teach you​ be calm and​ patient. it​ has to​ be done slowly and​ not in​ a​ haste, if​ you​ want to​ receive its full benefits. The tiring muscles would be elevated and​ rejuvenated by this​ pose. The stretching of​ the muscles helps your​ hips, thighs, hamstrings, groin​ and​ calves. When these muscles are stretched they make your​ body more agile and​ fit. it​ helps to​ strengthen the other muscles which would help in​ recuperating your​ tired body. The less stress you​ give to​ your​ important organs it​ would work in​ a​ better fashion​ and​ helping your​ health.

With the improper diet, many of​ us suffer from gastric and​ indigestion​ problems. as​ we do not take care of​ our health and​ does not even look at​ the warning signs our body sends to​ us. this​ exercise helps in​ removing the bloating feeling caused by the indigestion​ and​ gastric troubles. it​ stretches most parts of​ your​ body like back, spine and​ legs which also plays a​ major role at​ the time of​ conception. your​ knees are strengthened; the pressure helps in​ reduction​ of​ flat foot. Some other benefits are in​ strengthening your​ prostrate gland, reduction​ in​ blood pressure, helps in​ removing your​ backache, less menstrual discomfort is​ also provided by this​ asana.

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