Benefits Of Origami

Benefits Of Origami

Benefits of​ Origami
Origami began in​ China and​ Japan hundreds of​ years ago .​
It is​ an​ activity that has proven to​ be quite useful in​ various situations .​
Origami is​ an​ activity that costs very little but offers individuals a​ number of​ benefits .​
Here is​ a​ concept that requires creativity and​ imagination​ .​
Folding paper may not seem educational but in​ reality origami has been proven to​ improve reading and​ writing skills .​
It's also an​ activity that works on​ processing skills .​
in​ order to​ complete an​ origami project, an​ individual must first of​ all read and​ understand​ the instructions .​
They are then required to​ process the information​ they've gathered from the written material before beginning the folding steps .​
Once the project begins there is​ a​ need for​ logical reasoning as​ the person​ thinks about each fold and​ the following steps .​
Origami requires concentration​ and​ teaches people about sequencing .​
Sequencing is​ part of​ the mathematical side of​ origami .​
this​ activity is​ used to​ work on​ individual's mathematical skills .​
Through the various origami designs and​ patterns, people are able to​ work with geometry and​ also learn about problem solving .​
in​ origami individuals work with measurements, fractions and​ symmetry .​
These are great concepts to​ practice, particularly in​ the classroom .​
for​ this​ reason​ origami is​ often used by teachers to​ demonstrate various mathematical concepts.
There are numerous benefits of​ origami .​
Another great asset of​ taking part in​ this​ activity is​ the development of​ fine motor skills .​
Many people use origami to​ help them get both hands working well together .​
Some individuals, especially those who suffer from disabling conditions have problems with their motor skills .​
Origami is​ a​ great way to​ improve these skills that are necessary for​ daily living .​
The art of​ origami has been shown to​ help children and​ adults alike with essential issues such as​ self-confidence and​ social skills .​
Being able to​ complete an​ elaborate origami project allows the individual to​ feel proud and​ to​ experience the feeling of​ success .​
Realizing they were capable of​ finishing an​ origami composition, based on​ a​ set of​ written instructions is​ a​ huge accomplishment for​ some people .​
this​ procedure may be responsible for​ encouraging individuals to​ break out of​ their shell and​ become involved in​ group activities .​
A good memory is​ needed for​ origami .​
Being demanded to​ recall specific sequences will help a​ person​ develop their ability to​ memorize details .​
Not only is​ their memory an​ important aspect of​ origami but it's also essential for​ the individual to​ be attentive .​
in​ order to​ complete the perfect project a​ person​ must pay attention​ to​ what they are doing .​
Paying attention​ and​ concentrating demands patience .​
Origami is​ not an​ activity for​ the impatient individual .​
To achieve the intended result several attempts may need to​ be made .​
Without patience the repetitive steps and​ continuous attempts may become too much to​ handle .​
Origami may be an​ inexpensive hobby or​ teaching tool but it​ does require certain​ qualities in​ a​ person​ .​
As a​ teaching tool it​ can be used to​ work on​ these qualities .​
As a​ hobby origami can be used to​ challenge the individual and​ help them develop other skills.

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