Benefits Of Nicu Air Ambulance Services

Benefits Of Nicu Air Ambulance Services

Benefits of​ NICU Air Ambulance Services
A medical mission​ is​ always an​ important flight .​
The crew on​ an​ air ambulance takes each and​ every flight to​ heart and​ treats the patient as​ if​ they were one of​ the family .​
this​ fact is​ never more true than when the air ambulance contains a​ NICU patient.
There are few things in​ life scarier than knowing your​ child is​ in​ distress .​
The sight of​ a​ tiny newborn attached to​ wires and​ leads, tubes and​ IV drips, can be extremely disturbing .​
As new parents, such a​ vision​ tends to​ stab into their hearts, but rest assured that the tiny baby is​ in​ good hands .​
if​ the doctor orders travel via an​ air ambulance for​ the infant, know that the child will be receiving continuous medical monitoring and​ treatment during the entire trip, from bedside to​ bedside .​

Each air ambulance specially staffed for​ NICU treatment has all the appropriate medical tools and​ equipment to​ do the job .​
Whether the NICU is​ on​ the ground or​ in​ the air, newborns receive the best care possible .​
Don't fret that the child will be traveling with just a​ single nurse or​ basic EMT .​
in​ many cases, an​ entire NICU team will escort the child to​ the destination​ .​
Not for​ a​ mere second will the baby be lacking appropriate medical attention​ and​ care.
The equipment on​ board an​ air ambulance includes ventilators, cardiac monitoring and​ treatment devices, and​ other specialized equipment to​ handle any emergency .​
The flying NICU in​ the air ambulance is​ well equipped and​ staffed for​ the mission​ at​ hand​ .​

in​ many cases, the mother and​ father may accompany the child during the air ambulance flight .​
Although in​ some rare instances this​ may not be the case, it​ is​ encouraged whenever possible .​
The doctors and​ staff know the benefits of​ the parent and​ child bond .​
Rest assured that all efforts will be made to​ include parents during each step of​ the process of​ transport whenever it​ is​ deemed medically feasible .​
if​ for​ some reason, a​ parent or​ parents must stay behind, know that it​ is​ in​ the best interest of​ the child at​ such a​ critical time .​

When travel by a​ conventional ambulance is​ not enough, an​ air ambulance is​ called in​ to​ transport the patient safely and​ quickly to​ the desired destination​ .​
in​ some cases, this​ flight may be several hundred miles or​ halfway around the globe .​
Regardless of​ the point of​ origin​ or​ the destination, air ambulance travel is​ a​ safe alternative for​ patients .​
this​ is​ true for​ any NICU patient requiring special transport and​ monitoring .​

Although the air ambulance is​ equipped with devices and​ tools for​ adult patients, the special needs of​ NICU patients are met, as​ well .​
Each and​ every flight on​ an​ air ambulance is​ specifically staffed with the appropriate medical team to​ suit the situation​ .​
All pertinent medical equipment is​ on​ board the aircraft to​ treat the NICU patient safely and​ effectively.
Any parent learning that their child requires air ambulance transport can breathe a​ sigh of​ relief knowing that the air ambulance is​ well-suited for​ the job .​
The equipment and​ staff on​ board the flight transform the aircraft into a​ flying NICU that can handle any emergency .​

Benefits Of Nicu Air Ambulance Services

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