Benefits Of Green Tea

These days we have a​ plethora of​ supplements and​ health products to​ choose from. I ​ cant fathom why anyone wouldnt take advantage of​ all these. I ​ certainly do. I ​ started taking a​ daily multivitamin​ 12 years ago. Wow, I ​ must be getting old. on​ top of​ that, I ​ embrace the benefits of​ whey protein​ and​ Omega 3 supplements. Both of​ which highly benefit your​ body. Granted you​ probably wont consider these nutritional wonders when youre still a​ child, but you​ should start giving them some thought as​ an adult. After all, so much changes with our bodies as​ we age. I ​ can still recall back when I ​ visited Taiwan. this​ culture was very much into the benefits of​ green tea. Actually they supposedly produced the best tea on​ the planet there. Natives informed me of​ this​ several times. it​ seemed like they were proud of​ it.
I doubt that many Americans understand​ the tea routine. When I ​ was staying with my buddys family for​ a​ couple months, his uncle enlightened me to​ the benefits of​ green tea. He said that they took a​ good 45 minutes out of​ each day to​ just sit down and​ enjoy tea. Now, I ​ soon​ found this​ out. as​ I ​ entered the tea room, I ​ was a​ little in​ awe. Wow, they take the benefits of​ green tea very seriously. I ​ couldnt believe that the finest room in​ the house was for​ tea drinking ceremonies. However, it​ was really cool at​ the same time. We sat and​ drank tea out of​ very small cups. as​ my buddys uncle continued to​ make it, I ​ would just keep on​ drinking it. Man was I ​ feeling the benefits of​ green tea. Okay, I ​ really just had to​ pee badly. Nevertheless I ​ held it​ as​ long as​ I ​ could. Until the tea ceremony was completely finished. I ​ must have used the bathroom about four times after that. it​ was time to​ ask this​ fine fellow what the benefits of​ green tea are. He smiled and​ informed me that the tea cleanses your​ body. it​ helps your​ kidneys and​ bladder by removing harmful toxins. Overall the benefits of​ green tea are well worth a​ few cups.
if​ you​ are considering tea drinking for​ health, then I ​ suggest you​ dig a​ bit deeper. Find out what the best teas are and​ where they come from. Chances are its Taiwan. Also, compare opinions, issues and​ costs. it​ pays to​ do a​ little research.

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