Benefits Of Green Tea 23

Many people in​ the West are seeking alternatives to​ caffeine based beverages and​ look to​ the benefits of​ green tea. this​ tea is​ a​ traditional part of​ daily life in​ several countries, including China, Japan, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Korea and​ the Middle East. The caffeine content of​ the tea is​ much reduced and​ this​ is​ one of​ its attractive features as​ caffeine can cause side effects, such as​ insomnia.
Green tea is​ widely available now, in​ health stores and​ supermarkets. The guidance is​ to​ use one teaspoon​ per cup. Lots of​ people with sore throats drink the tea mixed with honey, as​ it​ is​ very soothing. it​ was first drunk in​ China and​ there are several varieties there. Its grown across many provinces and​ the most well known variety is​ Longjing. Gunpowder Tea and​ Bi Luo Chun are also popular. The tea is​ graded according to​ quality. The Chinese are firm believers in​ the benefits of​ green tea.
Almost no other type of​ tea is​ consumed in​ Japan. They have a​ wide range of​ varieties at​ different cost. One of​ the varieties is​ called Matcha and​ it​ is​ a​ high grade tea used in​ the traditional tea ceremony. Its also an ice cream flavor and​ it​ is​ used in​ sweets. as​ in​ China, green tea is​ part of​ the culture.
There have been many claims made, as​ the result of​ medical studies, clinical trials and​ anecdotal evidence as​ to​ the benefits of​ green tea. it​ is​ said to​ help in​ the prevention​ of​ a​ number of​ diseases, including diabetes, inflammatory bowel disease and​ certain​ types of​ cancer. Supporters also say that it​ lowers cholesterol, thus lessening the chance of​ heart attacks and​ strokes. Even bad breath is​ said to​ be affected by the benefits of​ green tea as​ it​ destroys the bacteria that causes it.
Many tests have been conducted on​ elderly people in​ order to​ assess their mental alertness after prolonged consumption​ of​ green tea. Green tea drinkers have shown less mental impairment and​ it​ is​ also believed that the tea boosts the immune system, fighting off disease. Green tea can also help to​ minimize stress levels.
Whether, the taste of​ the tea or​ the health benefits are the motive, there are numerous products available to​ buy. Loose tea is​ sold for​ tea making and​ there is​ also a​ powder variety, which is​ suitable for​ making ice cream and​ smoothie drinks. for​ convenience, tea bags containing loose tea are also for​ sale. There is​ even a​ Japanese Tea Ceremony kit, a​ very relaxed way of​ enjoying the benefits of​ green tea.

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