Benefits Of Green Tea 10

Like most people, Im becoming more and​ more concerned about my health now that Im getting older. I ​ am making a​ concerted effort to​ change my lifestyle as​ much as​ possible in​ order to​ try to​ prevent serious problems in​ the future. for​ example, I ​ follow a​ sensible lowfat diet, avoid junk food, and​ have even tried to​ cut out coffee and​ carbonated sodas. of​ course I ​ needed to​ find a​ replacement beverage since coffee and​ diet Coke were pretty much all I ​ consumed every day. After reading about the benefits of​ green tea in​ numerous health studies, the choice was easy.
The benefits of​ green tea have long been known in​ Japan, where most of​ the population​ partakes of​ that refreshing beverage. Everyone knows that Japanese people traditionally have some of​ the highest life expectancy rates on​ the entire planet, and​ I ​ personally believe that at​ least part of​ that phenomenon​ has to​ do with the many health benefits of​ green tea. for​ one thing, it​ is​ one of​ the best natural sources of​ antioxidants that we have at​ our disposal. These antioxidants attack socalled free radicals, which are harmful compounds that can cause cell damage. in​ addition, other benefits of​ green tea include the prevention​ of​ such ailments as​ heart disease, arthritis, dental cavities, different types of​ cancer, and​ could even promote weight loss.
While medical experts dont unanimously agree upon​ the many benefits of​ green tea, Im personally convinced that this​ is​ a​ good way to​ protect my health. as​ I ​ mentioned before, Ive decided to​ incorporate this​ beverage into my daily diet as​ a​ replacement for​ coffee and​ sodas. in​ order to​ derive as​ many health benefits of​ green tea as​ I ​ can, Ive got to​ maintain​ a​ regular supply of​ the drink in​ my home. But I ​ live in​ a​ rather remote area and​ cant exactly buy this​ stuff at​ the corner grocery store. Instead, if​ I ​ want to​ enjoy the benefits of​ green tea, Ill have to​ purchase it​ online. Although that might prove to​ be a​ bit inconvenient, my health is​ definitely worth it.
Ive already found a​ good website that sells pure Japanese green tea and​ am waiting for​ my first shipment to​ come in. Im excited about the prospect of​ getting all the benefits of​ green tea and​ taking control of​ my health in​ such a​ simple way. if​ youre concerned about your​ longterm health, then I ​ recommend that you​ make the switch too!

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