Benefits Of Golf

Benefits Of Golf

There is​ absolutely no doubt that golf is​ sweeping the world off its feet. There are many who believe that no major social gathering is​ complete without a​ golf outing; that no major convention​ is​ complete without a​ golf tournament; and​ some major weddings must schedule prenuptial tee-off times for​ the bride, the groom, and​ their guests. Interestingly, certain​ NFL, NBA, and​ Major League Baseball stars spend almost as​ much time on​ the golf course as​ they do on​ the playing field. Some even make contract decisions based on​ the golf facilities of​ competing cities!

Hollywood feels similarly about golf. Samuel L. Jackson​ is​ a​ huge fan, even though he only started playing at​ the age of​ forty five. There are also movie stars who state in​ their contracts that location​ sites must provide easy access to​ major golf courses. and​ then there are stars such as​ Johnny Mathis, who spend more time on​ the golf course than on​ their jobs.

Golf is​ increasingly becoming less male and​ less white, too, in​ part because of​ networking possibilities and​ in​ part because it​ is​ a​ fun way to​ stay in​ shape. Experts believe that golfers that walk eighteen holes once or​ twice a​ week can improve their health dramatically. Golf is​ also the game of​ choice for​ a​ number of​ physicians and​ health care professionals. “Usually when I walk and​ play a​ round, I lose about four pounds,” says teaching pro Marvin​ Childress.

Minorities are turning to​ golf not only because the game is​ fun and​ challenging, but also because the game provides a​ great deal of​ access and​ networking opportunities that are not always readily available in​ the boardroom. The senior vice president of​ Nova Chemicals in​ Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Jeffrey Pina learned this​ the hard way when he was invited to​ play the game with his boss but had to​ turn him down since he did not know how to​ play. So, Pina made sure that never happened again. After a​ crash course, he hit the links and​ discovered the real world. He says, “I saw how business was conducted on​ golf courses. I saw how relationships and​ trusts were built.” He was surprised to​ see the level of​ business that is​ carried out on​ the course. “The account executives delivered all the news they needed to​ deliver instead of​ having a​ business meeting, and​ it​ was done in​ an​ environment that was more cordial and​ far more supportive, because you're playing a​ game as​ well as​ conducting business.”

Black women are among the most passionate supporters of​ the game today. Another golf plus, according to​ the publisher of​ the African-American Golfers Digest, is​ that the game gives you​ a​ personal edge. Given that golf is​ such an​ expensive sport to​ play, it​ can act as​ a​ major personal selling point. There is, moreover, a​ fraternity or​ sorority of​ golfers, and​ once a​ golfer meets a​ golfer – a​ client, CEO or​ a​ potential date – they enjoy an​ instant rapport. Although corporate executives and​ celebrities spend relatively large amounts of​ money on​ club fees and​ green fees, most golfers spend relatively modest amounts playing municipal courses.

Celebrity golfers like Michael Jordan are fueling the golf craze. Not only do people pay attention​ to​ what celebrities are doing, but they also try to​ incorporate the competitive spirit of​ the likes of​ Jordan. Leonard S. Coleman Jr., former president of​ baseball's National League, says he enjoys golf because “it's extremely competitive, and​ I relish playing the game with my friends and​ competitors.” and​ the vice president of​ multicultural marketing at​ Schieffelin​ & Somerset Co. says he enjoys the camaraderie of​ the game and​ the opportunity to​ relax in​ beautiful natural settings with like-minded colleagues.

Benefits Of Golf

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