Benefits Of Directory Submission Services

Benefits Of Directory Submission Services

There are so many criterions that search engines follow to​ determine a​ site’s rank for​ certain​ key or​ search words. One of​ these includes links to​ the site. The page rank of​ a​ site is​ directly related to​ the number of​ links it​ has. The more links you​ have pointed to​ your​ site, with some variation​ of​ the key phrase you​ want to​ rank high for, the better ranking in​ the search engines you​ will receive.

Relationship between directory submissions and​ search engine rankings

One way links and​ search engine rankings have a​ great cause and​ effect relationship. Think of​ it​ as​ a​ business referral system. The business with the more referrals is​ most popular and​ hence, search engines rank them higher. The reason​ behind it, as​ many put it, is​ that the more links you​ have, higher are the chances of​ a​ visitor coming to​ your​ site through these links!

Again, the search engines send out spiders to​ the links they find in​ the directory pages. this​ will bring the search engine spiders to​ your​ site and​ will get your​ site pages added to​ the search engines indexes automatically.
in​ future, the new search engines will also follow the same procedure. Hence, you​ won’t have to​ register to​ them, rather they will find you​ themselves!

you​ can also improve your​ sales!

Again, many people actually do surf these directories to​ look for​ the things they want. So they will also act as​ a​ medium to​ bring in​ your​ prospective customer to​ your​ site.
Thus directory submission​ has three major benefits, which makes it​ indispensable tool of​ online marketing.

1. Higher Position​ in​ The Search Engine Results
2. Web Site Indexed
3. Click Through Traffic

So that is​ something one should focus on​ if​ they are interested in​ increasing the rankings and​ traffic of​ their site. Many sites who offer submission​ service, claim to​ submit your​ link in​ more than 75000 directories (mind you, few even claim the figure to​ be around 7,00,000!). But one should remember that submitting a​ link and​ getting it​ listed in​ the directory is​ not the same thing. it​ is​ like an​ auction, you​ don’t win​ merely by bidding. Others will just bid for​ you, but we at​, will make sure that your​ bid is​ a​ success. We will try our level best to​ insure a​ high rate of​ acceptance. We also assure you​ that the process will not be much time consuming and​ the results will start pouring in​ within​ a​ fortnight.

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