Benefits Of Cork Flooring

Benefits Of Cork Flooring

Cork flooring offers several outstanding benefits to​ homeowner looking for​ something new and​ exciting in​ their home. The durability of​ cork flooring is​ appealing to​ most homeowners. High heels and​ furniture can do no damage! Cork flooring tiles are typically protected with a​ durable environmentally friendly urethane containing no formaldehyde. When cork is​ subjected to​ pressure, the gas in​ the cells is​ compressed and​ volume reduces considerably. When released from pressure, cork recovers very rapidly to​ its original shape. Cork is​ remarkably resistant to​ wear, as​ it​ is​ less affected by impact and​ friction​ than other hard surfaces because of​ its cellular composition.

Natural cork is​ a​ fire inhibitor, not spreading the flame. Cork also does not release any toxic gases on​ combustion. Another major benefit is​ the fact that cork is​ antimicrobial and​ insect repellant. Even termites are unwelcome. The suberin, the inherent substance of​ cork, is​ a​ natural insect repellent

Perhaps the most valuable asset of​ cork flooring is​ the ease of​ maintenance. Today, waxing is​ no longer needed. Sweeping and​ mopping will be the usual maintenance. a​ few years down the road when the finish starts to​ wear off, lightly sand​ the floor and​ reapply a​ new coat of​ urethane. your​ floor will last for​ several decades.

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