Benefits Of The Bp Visa Rewards Card

Benefits of​ The Bp Visa Rewards Card
The MasterCard and​ Visa logos are representative of​ the most widely distributed credit cards in​ the world that are issued to​ consumers for​ both business and​ personal use .​
Almost all financial institutions offer MasterCard and​ Visa credit cards that are differentiated from one another by the benefits provided with the account ownership of​ credit card issued by the particular financial institution​ as​ well as​ the specific terms and​ conditions issued by the various financial institutions.

The BP Rewards Visa Card is​ issued by Chase is​ a​ platinum level Visa card with generous terms and​ conditions and​ a​ feature rich and​ rewarding benefits program .​
this​ particular Visa card is​ usually issued to​ those individuals who have very good to​ excellent status ratings with the major credit reporting bureaus .​
in​ addition​ to​ the rewards of​ the typical Platinum level Visa card, which include auto rental insurance, travel insurance and​ a​ variety of​ additional travel and​ emergency assistance related services, the BP Rewards Visa Card also offers a​ 5% rebate on​ all participating BP gasoline stations for​ gas purchases, 2% rebates on​ all eligible travel and​ dining purchases and​ a​ 1% rebate on​ all other eligible purchases .​
There is​ not limit to​ the amount of​ rebates you​ can receive for​ eligible purchases and​ there is​ no annual fee associated with opening or​ maintaining a​ BP Visa Rewards Card account .​
Rebates continue to​ accumulate in​ the cardholders account until redemption​ is​ requested .​
Redemption​ will result in​ the issuance of​ a​ BP gift card redeemable for​ purchases at​ BP locations, a​ check made payable to​ the cardholder or​ a​ donation​ made to​ the The Conservation​ Fund, which works to​ encourage sustainable solutions for​ our wildlife and​ their habitats through research, animal rescue and​ rehabilitation​ and​ conservation​ education.

Dining establishments that are eligible for​ a​ 2% rebate of​ the net purchase price include the majority of​ restaurants, airlines, auto rental and​ lodging establishments that accept Visa or​ MasterCard and​ display the Visa and​ MasterCard logos, excluding those businesses classified as​ fast food restaurants .​
Other purchases eligible for​ a​ 1% rebate of​ the net purchase price include all other purchases made where the BP Visa Rewards card is​ accepted, excluding purchases made at​ merchants where non-Amoco or​ non-BP fuel is​ sold .​

for​ those who have a​ good credit rating and​ frequently purchase gasoline from a​ BP gas station, the BP Visa Rewards card will be incredibly beneficial .​
The 5% rebate that is​ earned with every gasoline purchase at​ participating BP stations accumulates quickly and​ will help a​ great deal to​ offset the rising cost of​ gasoline.

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