Benefits Of Aloe Vera 19

Have you​ ever had a​ skin​ irritation? They can be very annoying because they are either irritated by clothing, exposed to​ the air, or​ needing to​ be bandaged .​
Also irritated skin​ is​ usually something that others notice and​ comment on, so you​ are consistently reminded that you​ have it .​
Earlier this​ summer I​ became infected with poison​ ivy .​
I​ had only had it​ one other time in​ my life .​
Unfortunately this​ time I​ had a​ few bug bites on​ my legs as​ well as​ a​ scratch .​
The oil from the poison​ ivy plant was able to​ get into my blood stream; the resulting rash was very painful and​ itchy.
After several days of​ using over the counter remedies as​ well as​ homeopathic cures I​ went to​ the doctor .​
She gave me a​ steroid shot and​ suggested that I​ continue with what ever creams or​ ointments gave me the most relieve .​
Due to​ the extent of​ the rash she told me that the scars may take as​ long as​ five months to​ heal .​
When I​ was telling this​ to​ my mother she reminded me of​ the benefits of​ aloe vera .​
this​ is​ a​ plant that she always had in​ the house when we were growing up .​
My grandmother was a​ firm believer in​ the benefits of​ aloe vera .​
this​ plant is​ used in​ many lotions or​ by itself to​ eliminate scars and​ to​ sooth the skin​ .​
My mother used the leaves of​ this​ plant to​ keep my brother’s hand​ from scaring after a​ burn .​
She would break off the leaves and​ squeeze out the liquid that was inside and​ rub this​ directly onto the burned area .​
The burn that he had on​ his hand​ was quite severe, however it​ was hardly noticeable one mom began using the plant on​ it .​
Once my mother reminded me about the benefits of​ the aloe vera plant I​ went to​ a​ local nursery and​ bought one .​
The plant I​ bought was quite large and​ very healthy looking .​
I​ explained to​ the woman why I​ was buying the plant .​
The owner of​ the nursery over heard my conversation​ .​
She asked me if​ all the pus had come out of​ the poison​ ivy .​
She looked at​ my legs and​ suggested that I​ place the insides of​ banana peels on​ them to​ draw out all the pus .​
Once this​ was done I​ should mix the aloe with vitamin​ E and​ rub it​ on​ the skin​ .​
I​ was amazed at​ how quickly the banana peel helped the rash area to​ dry up and​ the aloe and​ vitamin​ E were very soothing to​ the area .​
It took a​ month to​ clear this​ up, but I​ have no marks of​ any kind in​ the area where I​ had the poison​ ivy .​

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