Benefits And Usefulness Of Trikanasana

Benefits And Usefulness Of Trikanasana

Trikanasana is​ also known as​ the Triangle Pose. as​ and​ when you​ look at​ the asana you​ can easily notice why this​ name has been given to​ this​ asana. it​ works out every muscle of​ your​ body from the arms to​ the legs. it​ is​ a​ great way to​ shed some of​ the excess weight you​ have been carrying all along.

this​ asana helps all those have been struggling with weight problem. if​ you​ are looking for​ a​ good figure and​ a​ curved waist line, this​ is​ the pose to​ do. it​ helps in​ curing rheumatism and​ lumbago, a​ problem with your​ lower spine region. it​ is​ a​ good asana to​ make your​ shoulders and​ arms more flexible. a​ stiff body can achieve a​ state of​ flexibility by doing this​ asana. it​ has direct impact on​ your​ muscles as​ you​ start doing it.

your​ neck and​ arms get stretched. The stretching of​ the neck and​ shoulder muscles helps you​ recover from spondylitis problems. Spondylitis can be termed as​ one of​ the commonest problems faced by many, due to​ the long hours of​ sitting in​ front of​ the computer.

The monthly cycle comes at​ the right time as​ well as​ with lesser pain. Any other problem with the menstrual cycle is​ corrected, benefiting you​ thoroughly. The upper body is​ very well toned too. Due to​ the continuous stretching it​ helps your​ body to​ become a​ reservoir of​ good health. Problems with your​ heart are rectified helping it​ to​ function​ in​ a​ better manner.

It massages and​ strengthens the thyroid glands, kidneys and​ the adrenal glands to​ function​ in​ a​ better manner. it​ reduces the production​ of​ the cortisol, a​ stress hormone, helping you​ to​ be less stressed. The hormone level is​ very well regulated preventing many of​ the problems.

While doing this​ exercise, your​ legs and​ buttocks are strengthened as​ well as​ toned. Blood pressure problems are also rectified. if​ you​ are suffering from digestion​ or​ constipation​ problem this​ is​ the best thing to​ help you​ out. Condition​ of​ the appendicitis is​ also corrected by doing this​ exercise regularly.

The muscles of​ your​ abdomen and​ the hip joints become more flexible. The reproductive system functions better with the intensity of​ this​ pose. it​ helps in​ creating a​ proper immune balance to​ help you​ fight diseases.

Warning: The reader of​ this​ article should exercise all precautions before following any of​ the asanas from this​ article and​ the site. to​ avoid any problems while doing the asanas, it​ is​ advised that you​ consult a​ doctor and​ a​ yoga instructor. The responsibility lies solely with the reader and​ not with the site or​ the writer.

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