Benefits And Importance Of Adho Mukha Vrksasana

Benefits And Importance Of Adho Mukha Vrksasana

Vrksasana is​ a​ tree pose which means you​ are standing with your​ hand​ raised towards the sky. Adho Mukha Vrksasana can be termed as​ a​ tilted tree pose where in​ your​ hands are supporting the entire body weight. this​ asana when done by beginners has to​ be done very carefully as​ balancing yourself on​ your​ hand​ cannot be that easy.

To make it​ easier it​ would be better for​ you​ to​ take support of​ a​ wall, helping you​ to​ overcome your​ fear of​ falling while doing this​ asana. There are many benefits for​ doing this​ asana as​ this​ helps in​ strengthening every part of​ your​ body helping you​ to​ create a​ more stable and​ calm body. your​ shoulders and​ arms get stretched and​ in​ that process all the bones in​ your​ body also gets a​ good massage. Practicing this​ asana along with some teacher or​ friend would help you​ to​ do this​ asana without much hassle.

Even though this​ asana is​ very difficult but once you​ master it, the benefits you​ reap from this​ asana would be of​ great help. it​ can help each and​ every part of​ your​ body making them fit and​ fine for​ a​ better and​ healthier life. While doing this​ asana in​ the beginning you​ can use a​ padding which would support your​ handstand. your​ hands won't feel the direct coldness from the floor and​ would help in​ doing the asana properly. this​ stabilizes your​ pose and​ avoids the strain.

you​ can also change your​ hand​ position​ to​ improve your​ handstand. you​ can keep your​ hands either outward which will also be a​ key ingredient to​ help you. Use of​ props and​ by modifying this​ asana you​ can get full benefits without creating too much strain​ on​ yourself.

There is​ fresh supply of​ blood due to​ this​ tilted pose. it​ stretched your​ arms, muscles, shoulder and​ wrists making it​ more flexible and​ agile. this​ asana tests your​ strength and​ also at​ the same time helps in​ increasing your​ stamina. this​ balancing act helps you​ remain​ calm and​ cool due to​ the stability it​ provides. a​ sense of​ balance is​ achieved in​ your​ mind as​ well as​ your​ soul. There is​ a​ calming effect overall in​ your​ mind which helps the brain​ to​ relax.

you​ should take extra care of​ your​ back and​ shoulders while doing this​ asana. There are chances of​ neck injury and​ other problems if​ it​ is​ not done properly. your​ spine, lungs and​ pituitary glands are also benefited in​ this​ process. With the straight back your​ spine also gets straightened which helps immensely in​ the long run.

Benefits And Importance Of Adho Mukha Vrksasana

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