Benefits And Importance Of Adho Mukha Svanasana

When we take each word of​ this​ asana and​ look for​ the meaning it​ comes out to​ be a​ very simple word. “Adho Mukh” means facing downwards and​ “Svana” means a​ dog. this​ would mean facing downwards dog pose. this​ pose matches to​ a​ dog that stretches himself with its front and​ back legs. Therefore this​ name has been attached to​ this​ asana.

Many asanas has its importance and​ this​ asana can be termed as​ one of​ the most commonly done asanas. as​ we all know that every yoga asana has its benefits for​ specific or​ hidden problems we face. Most of​ the inverted poses which have been shown to​ us has good benefits which done regularly can boost your​ health tremendously.

The trick of​ doing any asana is​ to​ take it​ slow and​ steady. Every movement of​ this​ asana has to​ be done with proper precision. Inhaling and​ exhaling while doing this​ asana, is​ very important. These breathing exercises help in​ expanding the stomach muscles which helps in​ rejuvenating our muscles.

this​ asana can be similar to​ Surya Namaskar because it​ stretches the shoulders, hands, hamstring, calves and​ feet. Strengthening of​ all the muscles becomes an​ integral part of​ doing this​ asana. you​ can try variations with this​ exercise as​ it​ would be very useful for​ women who are having problems with their menstrual cycle. The menstrual pain​ gets diminished, making it​ very useful for​ all women.

It is​ one of​ the best asanas to​ do when you​ are tired and​ there is​ utter lack of​ joy in​ your​ life. this​ asana may help you​ get back that agility and​ vigor which has been missing out all your​ life. to​ achieve this​ goal, regular practice of​ this​ asana with proper balance and​ knowledge would help you​ to​ be a​ happy and​ calm person.

for​ beginners who would not be able to​ manage this​ asana in​ the first attempt can try their hand​ by using a​ rope, a​ wall or​ a​ pillow. this​ may seem to​ be easy for​ many but once you​ start doing this​ asana you​ may understand​ the complexities it​ carries along with it.

Having a​ partner along may prove to​ be very useful. it​ can help or​ guide you​ while doing this​ asana in​ a​ better manner. The presence of​ the partner can make things easier for​ you, in​ an​ attempt to​ achieve the right asana pose.

Adho Mukha Svanasana has many benefits showered upon​ us. it​ helps in​ energizing our body and​ could easily help you​ have a​ positive outlook to​ life. a​ state of​ complete calmness and​ balance can be achieved by doing this​ asana. The digestive system is​ stabilized while doing this​ asana.

It also helps in​ relieving your​ headache as​ well as​ problems of​ back and​ other health issues. it​ also prevents the development of​ osteoporosis problem. it​ is​ very useful and​ good for​ your​ feet too. if​ you​ are suffering from headache avoid doing this​ asana.

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