Benefiting The Company Telecommuting

Benefiting The Company Telecommuting

When discussing the many benefits of​ telecommuting, it​ is​ almost always a​ foregone conclusion​ that it​ is​ the employee who benefits from this​ new mode of​ doing business. The highlighted points usually involve the employee’s ability to​ no longer have to​ waste valuable time being stuck in​ rush hour traffic, and​ also the fringe benefit of​ being home when children are coming home from school. While this​ is​ undeniably true, some of​ the benefits that are associated with telecommuting do not just have to​ do with the employee, but also the employer. Such benefits include the ability make do with less office space, and​ to​ put the employee into a​ mutually ownership position​ of​ her or​ his work, so that customers and​ clients will receive a​ greater level of​ service.

Yet very often the many benefits available to​ the company at​ large are overlooked. While the employer itself may only be one dot on​ the map for​ a​ large company, the overall benefits that will befall the company that makes telecommuting a​ company-wide opportunity for​ qualified employees cannot be overlooked. When one small satellite office of​ the company succeeds, it​ is​ always a​ good time to​ see what works there that might work in​ other markets as​ well. Productivity is​ almost always the first litmus test that must be met for​ a​ satellite office to​ be considered successful, while fiscal savings rank as​ a​ close second.

A company will benefit undisputedly from telecommuting workers on​ a​ number of​ levels. First and​ foremost is​ the fact that employees no longer feel chained to​ their desks by an​ eight to​ five schedule. Sure, a​ worker may take a​ longer lunch, stop by the neighbor’s fence to​ chat for​ a​ bit, and​ perhaps even mow the yard during regular working hours, but on​ the upside this​ same worker is​ much more likely to​ remain​ at​ his or​ her computer and​ continue working until a​ project is​ finished than will be the worker who still has to​ fight traffic on​ the way home. Similarly, the telecommuting worker is​ much more likely to​ pick up the work again​ after family obligations have been met in​ the evening than it​ is​ likely for​ the office worker to​ once again​ get into the car and​ return to​ the office to​ complete a​ certain​ project.

Another savings opportunity presents itself when you​ consider the reduced employee turnover your​ company will experience. After all, telecommuting jobs are hard to​ come by and​ it​ is​ not surprising that these employees will work harder to​ ensure that the company will be satisfied with their performance to​ ensure that their position​ itself is​ safe. All in​ all, telecommuting is​ truly a​ win-win​ situation​ for​ the employer, employee, and​ the parent company.

Benefiting The Company Telecommuting

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