Benefit Of Green Tea

Benefit of​ Green Tea Introduction

There has been an​ influx of​ media coverage about the health benefits of​ green tea. Most green tea enthusiasts may base their opinions on​ green tea around their own experiences of​ the beverage. The Chinese have been drinking green tea for​ thousands of​ years due to​ its miracle working abilities. Green tea has been used by the Chinese for​ treating minor headaches to​ much larger matters such as​ preventing cancer. Many health studies are beginning to​ shine some light on​ the facets and​ benefits of​ green tea. What are the benefits from green tea that can affect your​ life? The following are five major benefits of​ green tea that may substantially change your​ life.

First Health of​ Green Tea - Weight Loss

The high concentration​ of​ polyphenols in​ green tea helps to​ oxidize fat and​ encourage thermogenesis. Thermogenesis in​ the body is​ the rate which the body burns calories. Green tea results in​ an​ increase of​ energy which raises the metabolism, therefore, more weight is​ lost than normal. as​ a​ morning beverage, green tea has a​ small amount of​ calories compared to​ most other beverages that Americans drink in​ the morning. The constant barrage of​ coffee as​ most peoples’ morning beverage results in​ a​ higher amount of​ daily calories compared to​ green tea as​ a​ beverage in​ the morning. a​ substitution​ of​ green tea instead of​ reaching for​ a​ cup of​ joe will make a​ big difference in​ the size of​ your​ waistline.

Second Benefit of​ Green Tea - Prevention​ of​ Cancer

The antioxidants in​ green tea eliminate free radicals that plague the body. These free radicals cause aging and​ cancer. The polyphenols of​ green tea constantly search for​ free radicals and​ they prevent the formation​ of​ unstable oxygen molecules in​ a​ process known as​ oxidation. this​ oxidation​ damages healthy cells of​ the body and​ have been linked to​ illnesses like cancer, heart disease, and​ even strokes. The polyphenols in​ green tea prevent the birth of​ abnormal cells, inflammation, and​ destroy most cancer causing agents.

Third Benefit of​ Green Tea - Healthy Teeth

Green tea is​ well known for​ keeping teeth clean because of​ one of​ its ingredients, fluoride. The fluoride kills the bacteria in​ the mouth that causes plaque. Also, fluoride helps to​ maintain​ healthy, cavity-free teeth. this​ helps to​ prevent general tooth decay inside of​ the mouth. this​ cannot be about coffee which stains the teeth with an​ ugly yellow tinge. The oral health of​ teeth can be vastly improved with the consumption​ of​ green tea.

Fourth Benefit of​ Green Tea - Lowers Cholesterol

Green tea may be a​ possible solution​ for​ all those suffering from conditions of​ high cholesterol. Heart attacks are one of​ the most common​ problems associated with bad cholesterol. Drinking green tea could possibly lower this​ stunning high risk. Green tea lowers the bad cholesterol’s levels, LDL cholesterol and​ prevents the occurrence of​ blood clots in​ the body. The LDL cholesterol flows through the liver and​ cells forming heavy deposits on​ artery walls. The catechins in​ green tea help to​ decrease the amount of​ bad cholesterol. Also, the catechins help to​ maintain​ a​ healthy good cholesterol to​ bad cholesterol ratio improving the overall health of​ the body.

Benefit of​ Green Tea Conclusion

if​ weight loss, the prevention​ of​ cancer, healthy teeth, and​ the idea of​ low cholesterol does not give you​ an​ idea that green tea is​ a​ miracle worker, you​ must be working with some pretty powerful magic. a​ couple of​ cups of​ tea in​ addition​ to​ your​ normal daily beverage will greatly decrease the risk of​ any bad conditions. The only side effect that has been clearly recognized is​ the daily overdose of​ caffeine. this​ problem has been addressed through the usage of​ green tea extract. Green tea can be taken in​ a​ pill form with all the benefits of​ normal green tea. So, we hope that you​ begin​ a​ daily green tea regimen tomorrow!

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