Believing In The After Life Has Many Benefits

this​ article looks at​ peoples belief in​ the after life and​ how it​ can help them to​ live their daily lives. My nan was one of​ these people who felt certain​ that there was a​ life beyond this​ one. I will explain​ why she had this​ belief. She was a​ remarkable character who was seemingly not afraid of​ anything.

I have to​ say that I have never really had any clear idea of​ whether to​ believe or​ not to​ believe, in​ the after life. I certainly believe that there is​ a​ God and​ that there is​ only one God. Whether this​ is​ correct, I will no doubt find out at​ a​ later date.

One day, I had a​ strange experience. I went to​ visit my nan who lived in​ a​ flat on​ her own. Her husband​ (my grandad) had died around fifteen years before from a​ heart attack. I would ensure that I would go to​ visit my nan at​ least once a​ week. it​ was not exactly a​ chore as​ she was a​ very funny and​ interesting person.

on​ this​ particular day she started to​ talk about her health and​ explained to​ me that she was sure that she did not have long to​ live. She had a​ number of​ health problems as​ I am sure many people in​ their eighties do. These issues were gradually becoming worse and​ made her believe that the end was near. as​ it​ happens she was correct.

I tried to​ convince her that she was wrong and​ that in​ fact she would live until she was a​ hundred. I advised her that I felt she should be more positive and​ to​ keep her chin​ up. She noticed that I was a​ little worried and​ told me not to​ panic and​ that she knew that she was heading for​ a​ better place.

What are you​ on​ about? I asked. She continued that she knew for​ a​ fact that there was an​ after life and​ that she was actually looking forward to​ going there. She was not afraid of​ dying and​ had basically had enough of​ life, as​ she was always tired and​ had very little to​ look forward to.

How do you​ know that there is​ an​ after life? Do not be alarmed, Steve, she said. your​ grandad comes and​ visits me every week and​ has told me all about it. I know it​ is​ hard for​ you​ to​ believe but it​ is​ true. When I die Steve, do not be too upset for​ too long. Be happy for​ me and​ be safe in​ the knowledge that we will meet up again​ in​ the future.

My nan died around six months later and​ I really hope that she has been able to​ once again​ meet up with my grandad and​ other people like her parents of​ course.

Having a​ belief in​ the after life gave my nan a​ piece of​ mind and​ something to​ look forward to. it​ also made her not have a​ fear of​ death.

I have to​ admit that I know also believe in​ the after life, however I am in​ no rush to​ go there as​ yet. I have many more articles to​ write first!

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