Beginning Steps To Marketing Success

Beginning Steps To Marketing Success

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Getting noticed on​ the​ web

Getting noticed on​ the​ web is​ the​ holy grail of​ most webmasters and rightfully so. Not only can you​ turn visitors into dollars,​ if​ done properly,​ but it​ also gives a​ feeling of​ accomplishment. in​ all honesty getting people to​ your sight is​ really not that difficult. There is​ probably 1000 things that you​ can do to​ attract visitors. the​ real trick is​ making use of​ all of​ them. the​ mistake that a​ lot of​ people make is​ believing that there is​ one magical way,​ some mystical ritual that will invoke the​ visitor magnet spell. Ok,​ so I’m being facetious but the​ reality is​ it​ does take work and diligence to​ make things happen. This is​ by no means a​ complete list,​ for a​ beginning webmaster or​ someone who is​ interested in​ becoming a​ webmaster,​ to​ follow. I am going to​ assume that an​ idea for a​ web site has already been decided upon.

1. the​ web site itself. This is​ a​ very important aspect of​ web marketing but I am focusing primarily on​ external web marketing. There are,​ however a​ few things that I want to​ cover here because I believe they are very important.
CONVENIENCE This is​ a​ big one. People today are accustomed to​ getting things fast from drive thru pharmacies to​ high speed internet. Instant gratification has become the​ rule of​ the​ day. With this in​ mind,​ web pages should load quickly. Believe it​ or​ not a​ 4 second load time for a​ page is​ extremely slow today. When the​ page is​ loaded potential customers expect to​ find what they are looking for immediately. Your site should be very well laid out and everything should be easily and quickly navigated. the​ brick and mortar days of​ putting the​ most popular items in​ the​ back so customers have to​ walk through the​ whole store are not effective for online businesses. This strategy should be avoided at​ all costs. Some studies have shown that if​ customers do not find what they are looking for in​ the​ first 15 seconds they will move on.

2. the​ first steps in​ getting the​ word out. Visit the​ popular business directories.,​,​,​. There are hundreds more.

3. Search engine submittal. a​ lot of​ web sites offer this service for a​ fee. I personally have never found it​ worth it. I recommend doing this yourself. it​ is​ easy and does not take that long to​ do if​ you​ submit it​ to​ the​ top search engines.

4. Forums. Get to​ know your market. There really is​ no better research than visiting forums related to​ your market and reading. Find out what your customers concerns are. Keep reading until you​ feel comfortable enough to​ post. Don’t spam the​ forums and be sure to​ read the​ rules for posting. a​ lot of​ forums will allow you​ to​ leave a​ link and some will not. Either way make sure you​ respect the​ guidelines for posting. I did come across a​ trick for getting recognized by search engines. Most forums allow you​ an​ avatar. That is​ a​ picture that appears when you​ post. you​ can usually set that up in​ your preferences when you​ sign up at​ most any forums. Typically it​ is​ a​ link to​ offsite where the​ picture is​ hosted. Make sure it​ is​ hosted from your web site and named after it. I made a​ bunch of​ avatars for a​ lot of​ friends and hosted them from my web site. to​ my surprise,​ it​ definitely caught the​ attention of​ the​ search engines. you​ goal here is​ to​ help not only advertise. After long enough you​ might just be the​ person everyone has questions for.

By starting with these four marketing strategies you​ can lay the​ foundation for a​ strong presence on​ the​ web. it​ will not happen over night but it​ will increase the​ popularity of​ your web site. Remember,​ web marketing is​ a​ cumulative proposition. the​ more marketing strategies you​ use the​ better.

Beginning Steps To Marketing Success

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