Become Healthy And Lose Weight By Walking Your Dog

Become Healthy And Lose Weight By Walking Your Dog

This article is​ about weight loss and how to​ live a​ more healthy life,​ I hope you find it​ interesting to​ read and beneficial. I have had a​ lot of​ problems with my weight over the​ years and by the​ age of​ twenty-two had had enough of​ being obese. in​ the​ article I write about how I eventually lost my excess pounds.

I have always struggled to​ keep my weight under control. Being over-weight affected my whole life,​ I was unable to​ wear the​ clothes I wanted to​ and I often felt guilty after eating certain foods. I was adamant that if​ only I could lose a​ couple of​ stones my confidence would increase and that I would ultimately be a​ lot happier.

I read many books and attempted to​ follow a​ range of​ diets. For whatever reason this did not seem to​ help me,​ mainly because I could not stick to​ their weight loss programs due to​ my love of​ fatty foods.

One day I was talking to​ a​ neighbour who was not only very nice but also quite thin. She looked very fit and healthy and I enquired as​ to​ how she kept so trim.

This neighbour who is​ called Gillian seemed quite taken aback and even flattered by my question and went quite coy. She stated that at​ one point in​ her life,​ she had also had a​ weight problem and had not been happy about it. What she was about to​ say was quite a​ shock to​ me,​ however would eventually change my life.

She went on​ to​ say that wherever she went to​ at​ this stage of​ her life,​ she would travel to​ by car. Gillian had realised that in​ an​ average week,​ she did very little exercise and at​ times did none at​ all. She then went out and bought a​ dog and would take this pet for a​ walk at​ least twice a​ day. This was not a​ choir for Gillian and over the​ next few years even resulted in​ her meeting a​ number of​ new friends. Previously,​ Gillian had seen exercise as​ a​ hassle and very time consuming but on​ various days she would take her dog on​ four walks,​ she enjoyed it​ that much.

Gillian quickly noticed that not only was she losing weight but that she also felt a​ lot healthier. it​ was not long before she was at​ a​ weight she was happy with.

After listening to​ Gillian's story I decided to​ follow her weight loss program. Yes I went and bought a​ dog and am happy to​ report that it​ has also worked for me.

Become Healthy And Lose Weight By Walking Your Dog

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