Beat The Holiday Sales Blues With These Festive Marketing Ideas

Beat the​ Holiday Sales Blues With These Festive Marketing Ideas
The holidays can be a​ tough time of​ year for some businesses.
Let’s face it,​ if​ you​ are not in​ a​ retail business tied to​ the​ holidays,​ odds are your business dips this time of​ year. It’s a​ natural phenomenon consumers are preoccupied and busy so they tend to​ put off purchases and decisions that they don’t absolutely have to​ make,​ until the​ first of​ the​ year.

So what can you​ do to​ drum up some business so December isn’t a​ total bust? Well I ​ always say,​ if​ you​ can’t beat ‘em,​ join ‘em! How can you​ take advantage of​ the​ holidays and gift giving and buying?

One suggestion is​ to​ consider selling gift certificates. Just about any type of​ consumer business,​ whether you​ sell products or​ services,​ can offer gift certificates.
Promote your gift certificates to​ your current clients and customers as​ a​ way for them to​ share your products or​ services that they know and love with a​ friend or​ family member. This can be a​ great way to​ facilitate referrals and generate new business,​ too!.

Gift certificates not appropriate for your business? How about offering an endofyear or​ a​ seasonal special? Make sure your special expires on​ December 31. This could be a​ product or​ service you​ are discontinuing or​ closing out. or​ it​ could be a​ special holiday discount on​ a​ regular product or​ service.
By giving your customers a​ great deal,​ or​ offer they can’t normally get,​ you​ give them a​ reason to​ purchase from you​ now vs. waiting until after the​ holidays. They will appreciate the​ special price considering their expenses are higher than normal in​ December. And you​ win,​ because you​ make a​ sale when you​ otherwise would not have. Your profit margin may be lower,​ but at​ least it​ is​ profit!

So be creative. Think about how you​ can turn your product or​ service into a​ unique gift idea. a​ way for someone to​ learn the​ benefits of​ having a​ fitness trainer or​ personal coach first hand,​ through a​ gift of​ a​ few sessions. Fresh flowers every month for 6 months. $50 toward the​ purchase of​ any product or​ service you​ offer. a​ free consultation.

Following are three more holiday marketing ideas you​ may want to​ consider

1 Offer to​ donate a​ percentage of​ all sales in​ December to​ your favorite charity and publicize it​ with a​ press release to​ the​ media.

2 Do a​ promotion giving one lucky customer the​ chance to​ win their holiday purchase for free. Select one customer at​ the​ end of​ December and refund them for the​ full price of​ their purchase. This will get all buyers excited and will give them an incentive to​ buy now. Put a​ maximum value on​ the​ prize if​ you​ want to​ protect yourself from having to​ refund too large of​ a​ purchase.

3 or​ just find a​ way to​ help your customers see that now is​ the​ perfect time to​ buy,​ before your prices increase in​ the​ new year Buy Now and Save!,​ or​ before you​ no longer offer a​ particular product or​ service. if​ you​ don’t want to​ discount,​ offer a​ free gift or​ valueadded bonus with purchase.

Once you’ve decided to​ make a​ special holiday offer to​ your customers. What is​ the​ best way to​ make them aware of​ this offer?

How about through your regular ezine or​ enewsletter? Along with your regular content,​ include a​ line or​ two about this special promotion. Include a​ link to​ the​ page on​ your web site where customers can go to​ take advantage of​ your special offer.

Don’t publish an ezine? That’s okay,​ send out an email notifying your customers of​ your special holiday offer. Use a​ compelling Subject Line to​ get them to​ open the​ email. if​ you​ have email addresses for both current customers and prospects you​ may want to​ send out two different emails.
You could use the​ email to​ your current customers to​ thank them for all of​ their business over the​ past year. or​ suggest that since they like your products or​ services so much,​ they may want to​ share them with a​ friend or​ family member by purchasing a​ gift. Put together a​ special gift package to​ make their shopping easy.

Don’t have email address for your customers or​ prospects. Here’s six more ways to​ quickly get the​ word out about your holiday promotion or​ special offer.

1 Put up a​ poster in​ your retail location.
2 Promote your holiday special on​ your web site home page.
3 Telephone your best customers to​ tell them about your endofyear special,​ reserved for only your very best customers.
4 Run a​ small ad where you​ usually advertise,​ but have the​ ad promote your holiday special.
5 Include a​ note on​ all of​ your receipts and be sure to​ make all of​ your regular December customers aware as​ well. you​ may be able to​ increase the​ amount of​ their purchase or​ get them to​ return later in​ the​ month to​ make another purchase.
6 Create a​ promotional flyer and hand it​ out in​ areas your customers and prospects frequent,​ or​ find another business you​ can partner with a​ complimentary or​ noncompeting product or​ service who might be willing to​ make your promotional flyers available to​ their customers,​ if​ you​ do the​ same for them.

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