Be Prepared For Road Trips With Sandwiches And Games

Be Prepared For Road Trips With Sandwiches And Games

Road trips are back in​ season. From hiking and camping to​ beach trips,​ families are gearing up for months of​ warm weather filled with exciting outings. as​ parents plan for busy days on​ the​ road,​ keeping family members energized and entertained often takes some planning.

Here are some suggestions to​ keep everyone happy and well-fed for traveling:

* Although keeping kids entertained on​ the​ road can be a​ challenge for any parent,​ leave the​ house prepared. Bring books and music that the​ whole family will enjoy,​ and don't forget about classic games such as​ "I Spy" and "Go Fish."

* When packing food for a​ day trip,​ keep it​ simple. Fill a​ cooler with a​ variety of​ sliced fruits and veggies stored in​ plastic baggies for hassle-free munching. Include drinkable yogurts,​ individually wrapped cheese slices and granola bars.

For a​ hearty snack or​ meal while on​ the​ go,​ try Smucker's Peanut Butter and Jelly Uncrustables sandwiches,​ made with peanut butter and either grape jelly or​ strawberry jam sealed within white bread. These thaw-and-serve sandwiches are individually wrapped. Store them in​ the​ freezer,​ along with extra fruit juice containers and water bottles,​ and add them to​ the​ cooler before hitting the​ road. By lunchtime,​ the​ drinks and sandwiches will be ready.

* if​ a​ long road trip is​ in​ store,​ plan for several stops throughout the​ day. Giving kids - and parents - time outside of​ the​ car will help everyone stay energized throughout the​ drive. - NU

Be Prepared For Road Trips With Sandwiches And Games

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