Barcelona Euro Games

Barcelona Euro Games

The actual dates are between 24 and 27 of​ July. an​ amazing event which will involve more 30,​000 people and which for a​ few days will transform Barcelona into the​ authentic European capital of​ sport and gay and lesbian culture.

Although EuroGames is​ the​ biggest athletic event for lesbian,​ gay,​ bisexual and transgender people,​ it​ is​ opened to​ everyone who wishes to​ participate,​ regardless of​ gender,​ age,​ race,​ sexual preference etc. the​ participants come from all areas of​ Europe,​ and even outside the​ continent.

EuroGames Barcelona 2008 will consist of​ 28 sporting events together with a​ range of​ cultural and leisure activities based in​ and around the​ city. the​ event will make its mark on​ Barcelona for a​ few days as​ more than 5,​000 sporting participants descend upon the​ city from all corners of​ Europe. the​ competition covers all sports from traditional to​ more unusual ones like rollerblading and floorball,​ although it​ is​ more than just a​ sporting competition.

As from the​ words of​ Maria Ruiz,​ the​ Vice President of​ EuroGames Barcelona 2008,​ one of​ the​ most ambitious purposes at​ the​ EuroGames Barcelona 08 is​ to​ involve lesbian women in​ all competitions and all other cultural events in​ order to​ get an​ equal representation of​ male and female participants.

She reminds how this world has been created by men and that in​ sports,​ as​ in​ many other aspects of​ life,​ women have suffered a​ long and silent battle to​ finish this discrimination. ON the​ same note,​ sports have always been considered as​ a​ men’s practice,​ not appropriate enough for women.

EuroGames Barcelona 08 is​ an​ opportunity to​ break these barriers that pretend to​ distinguish between male and female sports and an​ opportunity to​ tear apart gender labels.

The vice president invites women who want to​ fight for equality,​ visibility and recognition in​ society,​ and especially,​ in​ sports,​ to​ participate and identify with this great sportive,​ cultural and equality event. She encourages everybody to​ join and participate with partners,​ friends,​ family…

Eurogames brings the​ homosexual community together through cultural activities as​ well. in​ fact,​ there will be two days full of​ sport,​ culture,​ debates and fun. at​ the​ EuroGames Barcelona 2008 you’ll be able to​ take part in​ the​ sport of​ your choice. You can choose from a​ total of​ 28 different events.

The opening and closing ceremonies will be held at​ the​ recently-opened Barcelona’s Olympic and Sports Museum. the​ event will be closed by a​ Bid Party in​ the​ Park of​ the​ Forum.

For more information about the​ Eurogames Barcelona,​ please visit the​ web site .

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