Barbie Dress Up Games 23

Since Mattel brought out the​ Barbie doll in​ 1959,​ little girls around the​ world have played with her and collected all the​ merchandise .​
The Barbie franchise is​ a​ very lucrative one with clothes,​ accessories,​ games,​ play houses and play vehicles for sale .​
Owners like to​ imagine the​ doll in​ different scenarios with outfits to​ match .​
The doll has been around for a​ long time but she has kept up with the​ computer age .​
Barbie dress up games are a​ recent innovation on​ the​ Internet.
The idea behind these games is​ to​ dress Barbie in​ a​ drop and drag format and the​ player is​ encouraged to​ use her imagination .​
In addition to​ dresses,​ tops and skirts,​ there are shoes to​ choose and accessories .​
The menu will give a​ display of​ selections,​ which will also include jewelry and choices of​ hair style and make up .​
The games are particularly popular in​ Japan and there are Japanese hosted web sites,​ devoted to​ the​ games.
Just like a​ real girl,​ Barbie must decide what to​ wear for different situations .​
It's all the​ fun of​ getting ready to​ go out that girls enjoy and the​ Barbie dress up games make experimentation with different looks,​ really easy .​
Singer and actress Hilary Duff has designed some of​ the​ outfits .​
There are different sections,​ such as​ Barbie Party Girl where the​ player is​ invited to​ choose a​ prom dress,​ ball gown or​ cocktail dress for the​ occasion .​
There is​ also a​ Dress Up Beautiful Bride section,​ a​ costume party dress and a​ Barbie in​ Gowns category .​
Other styles include flower girl dresses and a​ Barbie Dance section.
As with all fashion collections,​ Barbie's wardrobe is​ divided into seasons with outfits appropriate to​ summer,​ spring,​ autumn and winter .​
Even boyfriend Ken gets in​ on​ the​ act with his own game .​
There are other versions of​ these sorts of​ games on​ the​ Internet,​ available since the​ mid-1990s but the​ Barbie dress up games are probably the​ most popular .​
Dressing up is​ a​ big part of​ the​ appeal of​ the​ doll and she has always been a​ well dressed lady!
Barbie is​ a​ busy lady with careers,​ hobbies and a​ hectic social life .​
Her wardrobe is​ extensive,​ as​ shown in​ the​ Barbie Dress Up games .​
There are formal outfits,​ such as​ a​ purple satin gown and a​ faux fur trimmed cape .​
There are specialist costumes like the​ Barbie cheerleading outfit .​
Barbie still likes to​ look good when she is​ casually dressed,​ in​ jeans or​ shorts .​
She also looks great in​ sportswear and there is​ an​ extensive line of​ pajamas and nightgowns.

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