Backend Profit Secrets And Viral Marketing

Backend Profit Secrets And Viral Marketing
Once you​ truly understand the​ power of​ backend profits,​ you’ll explode your marketing results and create an​ unstoppable viral machine.
The techniques I​ will reveal to​ you​ have often been taught in​ many marketing courses and articles…but they are still underutilized because of​ two words - tunnel vision.
Backend profits means the​ additional income that you​ earn from a​ customer .​
The first purchase from a​ customer is​ the​ front end profits while the​ second purchase and so forth will be your backend.
The really good marketers understand that the​ most money will be made on​ the​ backend.
Here are a​ couple reasons why:
You can charge higher prices for backend products because you’ve already built a​ relationship with your customer.
They already know the​ quality of​ your product and of​ your customer service .​
You no longer have to​ convince them that you’re credible and that your information is​ good.
You only have to​ convince them that your backend product is​ higher quality than your front end product and that they NEED the​ backend product.
Trust is​ one of​ the​ single most important components of​ selling .​
You can earn that trust by providing a​ good front end product.
Most marketers do not truly understand the​ power of​ the​ backend and that’s a​ fact.
I know because I​ see very few affiliate programs which pay higher than 50% commission.
Think about this for a​ minute.
Let’s say you​ sell your product for $50 and you​ give 50% commission .​
You have 5 affiliates who each make 10 sales each.
You pocket $1,​250 after paying commissions .​
You now have 50 customers .​
Five of​ them end up purchasing your $100 backend product for a​ profit of​ $500 .​
Total profits is​ $1,​750 for you.
Now let’s consider giving away 75% commission to​ your affiliates.
By giving away higher commissions,​ you​ get 10 affiliates instead of​ the​ 5 .​
Ten affiliates making 10 sales each at​ $50 will make you​ $1,​250 - which is​ the​ same front end profits as​ before.
Now you​ have 100 customers and make 10 backend sales for $1,​000 profit.
So how did you​ end up making more when you​ increased your affiliate commissions by 25 percent? you​ made it​ on​ the​ backend.
Here’s what is​ happening behind the​ curtain as​ you​ increase your commissions.
You gain more affiliates and subscribers as​ those affiliates send you​ more traffic to​ your site.
Those affiliates are happier with their higher paycheck because you​ gave them higher commissions .​
Therefore,​ they will continue to​ send traffic to​ your site.
This cycle increases your traffic over time as​ you​ gain more customers,​ more affiliates and more subscribers.
It’s the​ ultimate viral marketing machine!
More subscribers equal more profits .​
More customers equals more profits .​
More affiliates equals more profits.
So is​ all that worth a​ hit on​ your front end profits?
The problem most people have is​ they can’t stand to​ see their affiliates making more than them .​
Tunnel vision keeps them from seeing all the​ extra subscribers,​ customers and affiliates which could be theirs.
Please remember one thing about running your affiliate program.
A 75% reduction in​ profits is​ better than a​ 100% reduction,​ which is​ the​ case if​ the​ affiliate had not made ANY sale.
In summary,​ you​ should create an​ affiliate program for your front end product which gives away a​ majority of​ the​ profits.
You should also spend your time creating multiple backend products.
If the​ type of​ product you're selling requires manual work and it's not worth it​ for you​ to​ give higher commissions then an​ option for you​ is​ to​ create a​ different front-end product which will serve as​ a​ portal into your product line.
Your main goal in​ creating an​ 'intro' product is​ to​ use it​ to​ gain more traffic to​ your site .​
When you​ get the​ traffic,​ you​ should capture as​ many prospects as​ you​ can into your marketing funnel.
When you​ have more leads in​ your marketing funnel,​ you​ can control where they go by directing them within your follow-up emails.

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