Bachelorette Games You Have Never Played

Bachelorette Games You Have Never Played

Bachelorette Games You Have Never Played
What have you supposedly never done? This bachelorette game is​ a​ lot of​ fun and you may just learn some things about your friends who never knew before.
I Have Never
This game definitely tops the​ list of​ the​ most fun bachelorette games ever .​
It is​ especially fun if​ there is​ a​ diverse group of​ girls at​ the​ party.
You can use this as​ a​ drinking game,​ or​ if​ there is​ no drinking at​ your bachelorette party,​ you can use candy or​ pennies instead .​
Here's how it​ works.
When it's time to​ play the​ bachelorette games,​ place every one in​ a​ circle,​ and give them a​ drink or​ 10 pieces of​ candy or​ pennies.
The women will take turns,​ going around the​ circle,​ making statements that begin with the​ words,​ I​ have never.
They will finish the​ statement with something they have never done .​
The bachelorette can start first,​ and she will make a​ true statement about herself,​ such as,​ I​ have never played strip poker.
Now,​ the​ women in​ the​ circle who actually have played strip poker will have to​ place a​ candy or​ penny in​ the​ middle of​ the​ group,​ or​ take a​ drink.
You can make statements like these:
I have never been to​ a​ night club.
I have never gotten straight A's.
I have never been to​ a​ concert.
I have never been to​ (city.)
You can change the​ statements to​ whatever you like .​
If you know that the​ others have done something you've never done,​ use that to​ help you get an​ advantage in​ the​ game!
This is​ one of​ the​ greatest bachelorette games to​ play if​ you want to​ make sure that everyone is​ having a​ great time.
If you're using this game as​ a​ drinking game,​ please ensure that no one will be driving .​
You can either call a​ cab or​ have a​ fun bachelorette sleepover!
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