Baby Shower Games Less Bills More Thrills

Baby Shower Games Less Bills More Thrills

Game festivities are guaranteed to​ liven up and thrill the​ guests invited along to​ your baby shower party. Babys day should be fun filled action packed and full of​ laughter and a​ sure way for this to​ happen is​ when Baby Shower Games are in​ play.

You don't have to​ be at​ a​ loose end when it​ comes to​ providing entertainment for the​ guest invites attending the​ baby shower party. One of​ the​ best options for additional fun is​ to​ play games.

Have your friends and family join in​ the​ Name Game

The start of​ this game is​ where you ask the​ players to​ write down two names for the​ baby then ask them to​ find as​ many words they can from their chosen names,​ the​ winner will be the​ player with the​ most names. Be sure to​ mention before play that words with less than three letters are not valid.
To make the​ name game even more exciting ask the​ guests to​ keep the​ names they chose a​ secret from the​ other entrants,​ the​ reason for this is​ because they will be given the​ opportunity to​ guess from the​ words made up what names were chosen at​ the​ beginning of​ the​ name game.

Feeding Time is​ another particular favourite,​ this is​ game where cotton balls are placed into a​ basin with another empty basin at​ the​ side,​
Blind fold the​ players for this game who will then be prompted to​ transfer the​ cotton balls from one basin to​ the​ other with the​ aid of​ a​ spoon. Put a​ time limit on​ this game because this game is​ not as​ easy as​ it​ looks. the​ winner is​ the​ one with the​ most cotton balls moved.

Another unusual named game is​ the​ Rice Bowl but very popular at​ baby shower occasions.
Take a​ bowl fill it​ half-way with plain uncooked rice. Into the​ rice throw in​ safety pins (be careful with safety pins). Blind folded once again the​ guests task is​ to​ take turns in​ retrieving the​ pins.

Guess the​ Guest is​ a​ real fun game where guests are asked to​ bring a​ picture along of​ when they were a​ baby,​ On entrance to​ the​ baby shower celebration these photos will be handed to​ who ever is​ in​ charge of​ the​ entertainment scene. Participants in​ this game join in​ the​ fun by identifying the​ picture and putting the​ right face to​ the​ right person.

Baby Shower Games highlight the​ whole of​ the​ occasion adding fun and laughter. Most games entail being blind folded. a​ word of​ warning,​ to​ many of​ these baby shower games then you don't get to​ see as​ much of​ the​ baby shower as​ you would like.

Baby Shower Games Less Bills More Thrills

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