Automated Linking Software The Cons Outweigh The Pros

If you're trying to​ decide whether or​ not linking software is​ for you,​ read the​ following pros and cons to​ help you​ make a​ better informed decision.

What do I mean by "automated"? I'm referring to​ software which doesn't require human intervention. you​ click a​ button and it's off to​ the​ races. I'm not referring to​ software which helps you​ manage,​ submit,​ or​ track link submissions.

We all know that software can make life a​ whole lot easier. But,​ when you​ depend on​ software to​ make choices for you,​ you​ start giving up control of​ your linking process. And giving up control can only lead to​ one thing—trouble.

Decide for yourself if​ using automated linking software is​ worth the​ cost; in​ terms of​ money and search engine rankings.

Con: you​ don't have much control over where your links will be placed unless you​ manually approve each placement. But then,​ that's the​ point of​ automating the​ process,​ so you​ don't have to​ perform manual approvals.

Pro: It's easy. Let's be honest "1 million backlinks in​ days" is​ tempting. you​ can set and forget.

Con: it​ violates your natural linking profile. When you​ submit hundreds,​ or​ thousands,​ of​ links simultaneously,​ what do you​ think search engines do? They cringe. There's no way a​ human can submit thousands of​ links in​ a​ day or​ even few days.

Pro: It's inexpensive. you​ can buy most linking software for as​ low as​ $50 up to​ as​ high as​ $150. For thousands and thousands of​ back links,​ it's very inexpensive.

Con: it​ violates many sites' terms of​ service. More and more sites are turning down automated linking programs. as​ more sites turn away linking software,​ it​ will become much harder to​ find quality linking partners.

Con: It's not healthy for your website in​ the​ long run. Many search engines are discounting massive,​ automated link profiles. you​ may not get banned but you'll be wasting a​ lot of​ time with worthless links.

Con: It's not being used by webmasters who are getting high search engine rankings. if​ you​ want to​ do search engine optimization right,​ then you​ have to​ take the​ time to​ learn and work.

Most new webmasters who don't educate themselves about proper search engine placement succumb to​ these software fads. Once a​ new webmaster realizes he needs to​ get backlinks to​ get ranked well,​ his next task is​ to​ figure out how he can do that with the​ least amount of​ money and in​ the​ shortest period of​ time.

With the​ time,​ and money,​ that a​ webmaster spends on​ the​ latest linking software,​ he could have been learning legitimate backlink techniques. Or,​ he could have outsourced the​ task to​ a​ legitmate company.

I'm continually amazed at​ the​ obstacles people put in​ front of​ themselves by trying to​ "buy" something that does the​ work for them. What they don't realize is​ that every other new webmaster,​ or​ marketer,​ has tried the​ same thing with minimal success.

I hope you​ realize that "inexpensive" and "quick" are not good enough reasons to​ spend your money on​ automated linking tools.

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